Warsaw museums when admission is free

“Days of the week during which admission to Warsaw museums is free. Filmowa Stolica Festival. Jazz in the Old Town — "Jazz na Starowce", Chopin concerts.”

Poland makes sure that tourists can learn as much as possible about the country, so museums are open for free on some days of the week. Everyone has their own day.

List of museums, indicating the days of the week on which admission is free

National Museum — Tuesday.

Royal Castle — Wednesday.

Palaces, greenhouses, dwelling houses of the King in the Royal Lazienki park — Thursday.

Stories of Polish Jews POLIN — Thursday.

Warsaw Uprising — Sunday.

Frederic Chopin — Sunday.

Krulikarnya park — all week long.

Museum of Contemporary Art — always come in and don’t pay.

For example, you can schedule a visit to the National Museum on Tuesday. View the permanent exhibition, medieval and European art of the 19th century. It is located next to the Park on Ksenzhenets, it is advisable to combine visits to these two places.

National Museum and Park on Ksenzhenets
National Museum and Park on Ksenzhenets

Wednesday — Royal Castle. Located in the heart of the city, visit the Castle as you walk past.

Hall in the Royal Castle, Warsaw
Hall in the Royal Castle, Warsaw

Park Royal Lazienki, admission to the park is free all week, but to visit the palaces such a day is Thursday. It is truly huge and very beautiful; there are palaces, greenhouses and residences of the King on the territory.

Get there by metro. Station “Polytechnic” and 15 minutes on foot.

One of the royal family's residential buildings
Royal Castle, Warsaw

Cinema and Jazz on the streets of Warsaw

Participants of the "Jazz na Starowce" festival
Participants of the “Jazz na Starowce” festival

Several places of interest and activities.

Music. For example, in Lazienki Park, about which we have already written, 2 times a day, at 12 and 16 o’clock, you can listen to Chopin’s concerts.

Music is also available throughout the summer as part of the Plac Defilad festival. Various fashion groups perform in the center of Warsaw, next to the Palace of Science and Culture.
Listen to jazz music.

Another festival “Jazz na Starowce” takes place in July and August. Right in the middle of the Old Town. We recommend arriving early, especially on weekends, to take seats closer to the stage, as the festival gathers more than four thousand people!

During the summer, the Filmowa Stolica festival takes place

Viewing a film at the Filmowa Stolica festival in Warsaw
Viewing a film at the Filmowa Stolica festival in Warsaw

Сinema — show films for free. It lasts three months and every day at least one film is shown. Films can be watched in the park, in squares and even in parking lots. To know exactly where to go and what to watch, take a look at the festival website: https://m.filmowastolica.pl/kalendarz/

A great option to spend the evening, as the show starts after 9 pm.

Entertainment in winter. You can go ice skating, admission to the skating rinks is free. The most famous is on the Market Square. And in the summer, attend a dance lesson in the open air. Many dance schools offer outdoor lessons.

Warsaw is the capital and largest city of Poland. It is a dynamic and interesting city with a difficult history and destiny. There modern life and the historical appearance of the city are intertwined, with established traditions and way of life.

The mission of this article is to make your trip cost little money and bring a lot of value.I really hope this information was helpful to you. The TravelQ blog team wishes you a space experience!

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