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“Theatrical Kyiv, bohemia, a light taste of cognac in the air, casual smiles, a premonition of immersion in another world. About directors, actors and spectators. Repertoires, ticket prices, top performances. Classics, UNDERGROUND, KIDS, Home Theater. Black square."

Kyiv Academic Drama and Comedy on the Left Bank

Photo from the street
Kyiv Academic Drama and Comedy on the Left Bank

Brovarsky Avenue, house 25. 8 minutes walk from the metro station of Livoberezhna.

It is the first and best on the Left Bank of Kyiv. Productions on current topics, new stage techniques are used. With each season it is visited more and more, more and more premieres end with sold-outs and applause. The repertoire is diverse: Ukrainian and world classics, modern drama. The most famous classic works on its stage find a new meaning without losing their historical value.

There is nothing for children in the repertoire, so the audience is from 12 years old. They collaborate with foreign directors: Dmitry Bogoslavsky (Belarus), Eugene Kornyag (Belarus), Matteo Spiazzi (Italy). Director, artistic director and co-author and director — Stas Zhirkov. With his help, “Father”, “Stalkers”, “Albatross”, “Bread Armistice” were staged …

Ticket price 50-750 hryvnias.


Photo from the opposite side of the street
“Young” theater in Kiev
Actress of the Young Theater

Prorizna Street, 17. 7 minutes from the metro Golden Gate.

The house of actual, sharp humor, improvisations, unusual genres and bright emotions.

The repertoire includes a unique performance — a tour “Behind the Scenes of the Young.” It reveals the secrets of the actors, immerses them in their work and internal processes.

This tour provides a unique opportunity to hear real-life stories from the luminaries of the Young.

You will be able to see the work of Dmytro Surzhikov, Iryna Kalashnikova, Kateryna Kisten, Tamara Yatsenko, Liliana Rebryk, Irma Vitovska, Oleksiy Vertynsky and other famous actors.

In addition to the main and chamber stage, there is a microscene for acting and directing debuts. Mostly all the productions are for older viewers, but there are also some for young connoisseurs: “Beauty and the Beast” and “Princess Swan”.

Tickets cost 150 – 500 hryvnias.

Lesya Ukrainka Russian Drama Theater

photo from the exit from the metro
Lesya Ukrainka Russian Drama Theater

Bohdana Khmelnytskoho, 5. A minute walk from Teatralna metro station

It is a “creative temple” of modern art and world classics, which gives you the opportunity to immerse yourself in the atmosphere, feel the full range of emotions and enjoy the acting. A real example of classical theater. This is evidenced by the architecture of the building inside and out. Repertoire in which each viewer will find a relevant topic. It is special in that it is able to meet the needs of anyone.

On the main stage we can see acquaintances and relatives of everyone: “Trees die standing”, “Juliet and Romeo”, “Family dinner”, “Passenger without luggage”.

On the New and Stage under the roof — mono performances, as well as deeper and more sensual “hot” topics: “Games in the backyard”, “We all come from childhood”, “Academy of Laughter”, “Bench”.

During the intermission you can visit the museum, which preserves the history from its origins to the present day. Many famous and honored artists of Ukraine work in it: Nadiya Kondratovska, Viktor Koshel, Andriy Ponomarenko, Volodymyr Rashchuk, Viktor Saraikin and others.

Ticket price from 40 to 350 hryvnias.

Golden Gate”

Photo of the hall
Theater “Golden Gate” Kiev

Shovkovychna 7-a. 13 minutes walk from Khreshchatyk metro station or Palace of Sports metro station.

The Golden Gate is a territory of diversity. A place where you can not only watch the actors play, but also meet like-minded people, talk, drink delicious coffee and have a great time, “said director Ksenia Romashenko.

“Golden” — is young, chamber, developing rapidly and follows new trends.

In the repertoire: “Richard 3”, “City of the Gods”, “MIŁOŚĆ / Love”, staged by foreign citizens. Works by Stas Zhirkov: “Squirrel who lived 100 years”, “Defective People” and others.

“Golden” is also distinguished by the fact that they are invited an hour earlier. So that everyone can drink delicious coffee or wine, prepare for the viewing and just relax in the lounge area.

Famous on television Vitalina Bibliva, Vladislav Onishchenko, Bohdan Buyluk.

Prices in hryvnias: 150 – 450.

For Young Spectators in Lipki

Photo from the main entrance
For Young Spectators in Lipki

Lipska Street 15/17. 15 minutes walk from Maidan Nezalezhnosti or Khreshchatyk metro station.

TYS in Lypkie attracts people with its amazing history and friendly atmosphere. There are two scenes inside. On the big one — they show classic things for children and adults, with instructive content. In the chamber — more modern productions are staged.

Viktor Gyrych is a leading specialist in children’s scenes, a director who knows child psychology and builds everything in such a way that the child gets vivid impressions, experiences all emotions with the hero, is imbued with empathy and interest in art.

Feature — the largest number of works that coincide with the school curriculum. They cause a lot of positive emotions in both very young and adults.

TYS differs in the beauty of scenery and special effects. During the production of “No Guilt Guilty” rain drips from the ceiling, in “Forest Song” you get under a gloomy autumn rain with a thunderstorm, Figaro dives into a pool of water, in “Seagull” on stage a real small lake, and in the production of “Dream” the devil draws sinners into the underworld, so priests advise reciting prayers before viewing and fasting.

Wonderful actors who, despite their age, have not lost their lightness and passion: Lyudmila Ignatenko, Leonid Marchenko, Valeria Tchaikovsky, Lyudmila Zagorskaya, Alexander Yarema, Anzhelika Girich, Daria Petrozhytska and others.

Prices: 60 – 300 hryvnias.


Photo from the main entrance
Theater “Actor” Kiev

Velyka Zhytomyrska Street 40. From the metro station of Poshtova Square go up by cable car, then 15 minutes on foot.

This is a place for experiments, new formats and modern genres. “Actor” is a vivid example of how you can successfully show both classics and modern.

Works in many directions. Classics time-tested: “Cherry Orchard”, “Vixens”.

UNDERGROUND — contemporary works by Ukrainian and foreign authors: “Free”, “A pleasant surprise”.

KIDS — performances for young spectators: “The Nutcracker”, “The Night Before Christmas”.

Home theater — experiments where experienced directors work with young actors — “Estrogen”.

Among the actors you can meet Ada Rogovtseva, Alexei Vertinsky, Inna Miroshnichenko, Vladimir Kokotunov, Anna Kuzina, Maxim Maksimyuk.

Young parents are offered to take care of children (3+) during the show. There is a Baby Bar two steps away, where the baby is fed and cared for while the parents can relax.

Ticket price 100 – 490 hryvnias.

Children’s room — UAH 300.

Ivan Franko Theater

The building under the rays of the sun
The building of the Ivan Franko theater under the rays of the sun

Ivan Franko Square, 5 minutes walk from Khreshchatyk metro station.

This is a place for everyone. His value is a large cast and a diverse repertoire. The spectator appreciates real art and always chooses Frank’s theater, enjoying the style and genres he is already accustomed to.

Ease of communication and real emotions that are impossible not to feel with the actors. Various directors work on the productions, there is a large cast, everyone will find something for themselves. There are two scenes: the main and the chamber.

Repertoire: “Kaidasheva family”, “Martin Borulya”, “Natalka Poltavka”. Also, very popular, with an unusual director’s idea: Tram “Desires, Strangers among us, Never cry for me …

Honored artists of Ukraine play: Benyuk Bohdan, Nazar Zadniprovsky, Mykhailo Kukuyuk, Oleh Stalchuk, Yarema Oleksandr, Andriy Romaniy, who are also filmed on television.

Tickets cost 30 – 750 hryvnias (basic), 50 – 250 hryvnias (chamber).

Theater “On the Hem”

photo from the opposite side of the street
Theater ” On the Hem ” in Kiev

Andrew’s Descent 20 A, B. 10 minutes walk from Kontraktova metro station.

It is an example of European theater, in which minimalism is combined with technology. Here you can see completely new approaches and creative solutions. It is small, new and modern. The main audience is teenagers and adults. Unique for its openness and confidence in everything they create.

In general, it evokes mixed feelings among residents and guests of the capital. He won hearts with his extraordinary performances. “Livka”, “Got to be free, or you have to be free”, “Vernissage on Andriyivskyy” and the premiere of “Scissors” gained great popularity. Playing: Maxim Maksimyuk, Roman Khalaimov, Alexander Danilchenko, Anna Salivanchuk and others.

The director Malakhov worked here, whose performances always ended with applause and sold-outs. Among his works: “Pharaohs”, “Uncle Vanya”, “Odd Jourdan”, “Compose the word ETERNITY”, “Premonitions of Mine Mazailo”, “Six characters in search of the author”.

Tickets from 150 to 700 hryvnias.


The building of the "Wheel"
The building of the theater “Wheel” on Andreevsky Spusk in Kiev

Andrew’s Descent, 8. Ten minutes from Kontraktova Square metro station.

“Wheel” is very chamber-like. Perfectly fits into the atmosphere and color of Andrew’s Descent. It is harmoniously located among antique shops and summer verandas.

It is difficult to call it modern, because it retains the same value of a real classical theater. This is its feature, which is appreciated by viewers.

It is visited by teenagers and young people who respect dramatic art and love the atmosphere of Podil. Where you have everything to have a pleasant and useful evening.

Directors know how to make sure that everyone finds their relevance in the play. Classics of works here are diluted with entourage humor, giving it a new life. And it makes sense in the eyes of a new generation of people. After all, the world is changing, the spectator is changing and the “Wheel” is changing with us.

Drama, comedy, documentary drama, tragedy, one-act play, vaudeville, musical comedy, detective, romantic thriller, performances for children — all this can be seen on their stage.

Some of the most popular: “In Kyiv, in Podil …, or Where do you dry your underwear?”, “Shantrapa”, “Very sick”, “Odessa. Crazy Love”, “Women of Mozart”.

There are 3 stages. The main stage, the fireplace hall and the stage in the cafe.

Among the directors are Ukrainian directors: I. Klishchevska, M. Grunycheva, V. Petranyuk and others, as well as foreign ones: J. Valentin (France), D. Dimov, J. Binev (Bulgaria), E. Kutsurelis (Greece), N. Fleckman (USA).

Ticket prices are 100 – 300 hryvnias.

Theater in Pechersk

actors of the theater on stage
actors of the theater on Pechersk on stage

5 minutes walk from Pecherska metro station, Nemirovicha-Danchenko street, 5.

A unique feature is the creation of performances by the method of collective work of actors.

Everything for adults and competent spectators. The most popular are “Hamlet”, “Rejoicing and Consolation”, “Pepsi Generation”, “Natalka Poltavka”. Also, the fairy tale “Pinocchio, or the story of how to become a man” and the family comedy “Christmas”. Scenes in Russian and Ukrainian.

Atmospheric chamber, with a modern vision of classical works, for young viewers who are ready to open to the new.

Starring: Kateryna Kisten and Konstantin Voitenko, who are also known on television.

Tickets cost 200-300 hryvnias

We have already talked about the TOP-10 theaters of Kyiv. I’m sure if you’ve read this line, you’ll be interested to know about the Black Square.

The best improvisation studio in Ukraine, each performance is not like the previous one, the audience is a direct participant in the whole action.

Black Square Studio

Works on the principle of “live” acting, when jokes and unusual decisions are born in the process of performance.

There are no limits and boundaries, there is only an actor, a spectator and an endless flight of fancy. Spectators are young at heart, open to new and with a sense of humor people who are not ashamed of sharp humor and vivid emotions.

The troupe plays in several halls of Kyiv: chamber stage, large hall, experimental platform, Caribbean club, Atlas club, Freedom event hall, Bel étage event club.

“KVADRAT-Show” is a project of “Black Square”, which includes improvisations, communication with the audience and a lot of humor.

Cast: Alexander Rozvyakov, Polina Golovanova, Irina Gatun, Sergei Fedorchuk, Andrei Merzlikin.

“A la the dog, or everything that moves” — a tragic-lyrical comedy that will answer many immodest questions. The roles are played by Iryna Soponaru, Maria Krushynska, Serhiy Fedorchuk, Mykhailo Spivakovsky, Vyacheslav Nikonorov.

“Barefoot on the Moon” is a comedy about loneliness, which is interesting and relevant for everyone. The monograph is completely directed and performed by Vyacheslav Nikonorov.

Ticket prices are 300 – 750 hryvnias.

Actors on the stage
Actors from “Black Square” on stage 🌿🌿🌿 more photos👇
two pairs
two pairs
beautiful acting
beautiful acting
hot moment
hot moment

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