Rent a bike in Warsaw free of charge

"How to rent a bike in Warsaw for free, a valuable life hack. Prices for renting a bike in Warsaw."

You can ride a bike in Warsaw. It is convenient, cheap and does not have to be stuck in traffic jams. The level of the led infrastructure in the capital of Poland is decent.

So, what to do to rent it. The service is available from the beginning of March to the end of November; it will not be possible to use the rental in winter. The most popular option is Veturilo. They provide residents and visitors of Warsaw with more than 5000 units of bicycle equipment.

Bicycle rental app
Bicycle rental app

Algorithm of actions

Create an account at Fill in all the necessary data and confirm — a code will be sent to your phone and mail.

Rental process step by step
Rental process step by step

The account must be activated, immediately put 10 zlotys. It’s minimum. I recommend you top up with 12 zloty, if 1 zloty is removed from you and 9 is left, then you will not be able to take a bike. Then, on the electronic board, indicate the phone number and come up with a pin code. The bike will unfasten automatically. Be sure to remember the code for the lock, it will be displayed on the screen. Write it down so as not to keep it in your head. This is convenient in case you need to go to the store and leave the vehicle on the street. I usually take pictures of vehicles that I rent and a pin code for the lock. Finding a bike in the parking lot of a Thai shopping center or a car in Moscow in a 9-story parking lot can be difficult, especially when you drive for the first hour.

Rental prices, life hack

The first 20 minutes are free, the next 40 – 1 PLN, the second hour — 3 PLN, the third — 5.

Do you understand the life hack? Change it every 20 minutes! The ride is completely free. Especially suitable for those who do not travel alone. It may not be very convenient, but you will save on the trip and not spend a dime! Set the timer for 18 minutes and for the 2 remaining minutes you need to stop, return the bike and take the one on which your companion was riding. If you are alone, then expect to get to the new parking lot and change the iron horse.

The TravelQ blog team wishes you to spend money happily and save money easily. Fresh travel hacks constantly appear on our pages. New discoveries and an easy way!

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