Public Transport Ticket Types: Your Guide to Getting Around in Warsaw


Introduction to Public Transport Tickets in Polish Cities

In Polish cities, there are various public transport companies, often with multiple operators. Each company has the authority to set its own ticket prices and penalty sanctions. However, the general parameters of these tickets are quite similar, and they are not dependent on the type of transport used.

Understanding Ticket Types: Normalny and Ulgowy

on the photo - types of tickets for travel in public transport in Warsaw: Normal and Ulgovy.

Public transport tickets are classified into two main types: Normalny (Normal) and Ulgowy (Discounted). The Normalny ticket is the standard fare, while the Ulgowy ticket offers a 50% discount for eligible citizens, such as students and people with disabilities. Tourists, unfortunately, do not qualify for discounted tickets.

Zones and Access Areas (Strefa)

Zones and Access Areas (Strefa)

Boundaries stops

this is how public transport stop signs look in Poland

Public transport ticket prices and usage depend on the access zones, known as Strefa. Some tickets are valid only for Strefa 1, while others cover both Strefa 1 and Strefa 2, allowing travel across multiple zones.

Boundary Stops The demarcation between different ticket zones is established by boundary stops.

A boundary stop is identified by a bus stop sign comprising a large road sign board, the WTP (Warsaw Transport Authority) logo, the stop name, post number, and the numbers of the bus lines that serve the stop. For boundary stops or stops located in Zone 2, additional information is provided.

A boundary stop is indicated with a specific message “Boundary Stop – Border of Ticket Zones.”

Passengers can travel through Zone 1 using any type of ZTM (Warsaw Public Transport) ticket. However, for Zone 2, only tickets dedicated to Zone 2 or Zones 1 and 2 are valid. Passengers must ensure they possess tickets that cover their travel through a specific zone before crossing the zone border, at the latest.

One-Time and Multiple-Use Tickets

Proezdnye (tickets) come in two categories: one-time tickets and multiple-use tickets. One-time tickets are either limited by the number of trips or a specific duration. For example, a 20-minute ticket allows travel on any route within the chosen 20-minute interval.

Ticket Prices for Warsaw’s Public Transport

One-Time Tickets

  • 20-Minute Ticket – Strefa 1+2 Normalny: 3.40 złUlgowy: 1.70 zł
  • 75-Minute Ticket – Strefa 1 Normalny: 4.40 zł Ulgowy: 2.20 zł
  • 90-Minute Ticket – Strefa 1+2 Normalny: 7 zł Ulgowy: 3.50 zł
  • Group 75-Minute Ticket (up to 10 people) – Strefa 1 Normalny: – Ulgowy: 22.00 zł

Daily Tickets

  • 24-Hour Ticket (Single Zone) – Strefa 1 Normalny: 15 zł Ulgowy: 7.50 zł
  • 24-Hour Ticket (Both Zones) – Strefa 1+2 Normalny: 26.00 zł Ulgowy: 13.00 zł
  • 3-Day Ticket (Single Zone) – Strefa 1 Normalny: 36.00 zł Ulgowy: 18.00 zł
  • 3-Day Ticket (Both Zones) – Strefa 1+2 Normalny: 57.00 zł Ulgowy: 28.50 zł
  • Weekend Ticket (Valid from Friday 7 pm to Monday 8 am) – Strefa 1+2 Normalny: 24.00 zł Ulgowy: 12 zł

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Who Qualifies for Discounted and Free Tickets?

Public transport discounts fall into three categories:

Ulgowy Tickets

  • As discussed earlier, Ulgowy tickets offer discounts to eligible citizens.

Discounted Tickets for Specific Groups

  • Discounted tickets are available for certain groups, such as:
  • Disabled individuals (the extent of discount depends on disability status)
  • Warsaw Uprising participants
  • World War II veterans
  • Large families
  • Children from large families
  • Students and doctoral students

Free Tickets

  • Free tickets are provided to certain individuals as per national laws and regional regulations. These may include citizens of Poland or foreigners with a permanent residence permit in Poland.
  • In many cities, all individuals aged 70 and above can travel for free regardless of their citizenship. A document verifying age is sufficient for this benefit.

How to Use Public Transport Tickets?

Using public transport tickets correctly is essential to avoid penalties even if you possess a valid ticket. Here’s how to ensure your ticket is activated:

  • In buses or trams, activate your ticket using the validator upon entering.
  • In metro stations, activate your ticket at the entry gate.
  • For contactless cards, activate them by tapping them on the designated validator during each trip.

Fines for Fare Evasion: Amount and Payment

Fines for fare evasion vary depending on the specific transport company and city authorities.

Generally, the fine is 38 times the cost of a 90-minute ticket for both zones, which amounts to 266 zł in Warsaw.

If paid immediately on-site, the fine may be reduced to 160 zł, or within the first 7 days to 186 zł.

Consequences of Non-Payment

Transport companies are commercial entities, and they can take legal actions to recover debts. Non-payment of fines could result in travel restrictions or entry bans to Poland and the Schengen Zone.

Handy Apps and Websites

For travelers’ convenience, numerous apps and websites aid in planning routes and selecting suitable public transport options. Notable examples include, moBilet (available on Google Play), and SkyCash.

Remember to familiarize yourself with the ticket rules and adhere to them to ensure a smooth and enjoyable travel experience within Poland’s cities.

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