Price parity is the tumor of the hotel business

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The pain of the hotel business, which is intensifying

Narrow and wide price parity. What does this mean for hoteliers? How does this affect the cost of the booking.

With such obligatory conditions, booking aggregators like booking cut off opportunities for the development of hotels, but create an excellent basis for the development of their services.

15% – 18% of the commission is very capitalistically, and the observance of price parity already looks like communism. Large aggregators of hotel and daily accommodation booking use their popularity to impose onerous conditions on hoteliers.

By selling their rooms through them, the hotelier cannot sell cheaper through any other service. Violation of this condition will result in penalties. They call this broad price parity. There is also a narrow parity, it prohibits hoteliers from selling cheaper on their own site.

I’ve been watching this situation with price parity and onerous commissions that hoteliers have been paying booking aggregators for 10 years. And for 4 years out of these ten, I and a couple of other guys, we are developing a new aggregator for booking hotels, hostels, apartments, rooms and houses for rent. In 2022 he will start operating in New York, Kiev and the capital of Poland – Warsaw.

Your Price Booking does not use parity prices

There will be no parity prices on the Your Price Booking platform

Yes, we will have commissions for hoteliers. 2.5% of the transaction.

Also, hoteliers will see all users who are looking for a hotel or hostel booking nearby. They can offer everyone a different price and we even encourage it. Competition is the sister of excellence.

Such direct offers from hotels to potential guests are not publicly held, in closed correspondence between the hotel and the traveler.

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Slava Nikitenko

CEO&Co-Founder: Your Price Booking

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