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“National, European, Asian cuisine in the capital of Poland. Warsaw coffee shops. Review of prices, discounts and promotions."

I advise you read it by all who like to eat deliciously, but do not want to give crazy money.

If you are walking along the streets and want to enjoy an appetizing Polish lunch, I advise you to choose an institution in advance, because having entered the first place you see, you may be very surprised at the price list for the most seemingly simple dishes.

Within the Varshavsky railway station and in the very center of the city, cafés and restaurants are usually insanely expensive.

Which is why I’ll leave for you the names of the best places to go for now if you’re on a budget.

Spicy pizza
Eat pizza

List of budget restaurants in Warsaw

1. Aïoli is Polish cuisine, there is a separate breakfast menu, vegetarian and meat dishes.

Take note that if you order coffee here on a weekday before 12:00 noon, you will receive breakfast as a gift, at the price of only 1 Polish zloty ($0.25). On weekends, the promotion works in reverse order, and you get almost free coffee for each dish.

2. Restaurant “Lotos” — quite popular, and it is located not far from the center. I would like to point out that last year a three-course set meal cost me 19 zlotys. For example, prices for soups vary from 5 to 12 zlotys, and if you want to try meat dishes, you will pay an average of 16 zlotys.

3. Pyzy Flaki Corage.

I recommend this place to everyone who wants to experience real Polish cuisine and taste delicious dumplings, as well as the hit of the national cuisine — Flaki, a soup made from beef ventricle.

The average check for one person is 10-15 zlotys. If you order a meal for 2 or more people, you will receive a discount of 10% of the total amount.

4. Some restaurants in Poland set a certain period of time during which you can eat much cheaper. Remember: from 12:00 to 16:00 you can dine up to PLN 20 in places such as:

Secado (varied cuisine);

La Tomatina (Italian);

Arirang (Japanese, Korean).

5. Zapircek — this is the name of an institution that prepares real traditional Polish food. It should be borne in mind that the portions in this restaurant are simply enormous.

Therefore, if you want to eat tasty and a lot, visit this place!

the door to the cafe
Photo from the coffee shop

Warsaw coffee shops

A large number of people cannot imagine their life without coffee. If you happen to be in Warsaw and want to enjoy yourself, here are some decent coffee shops with the lowest price for coffee:

First, this is Ministerstvo Kawy. Coffee is supplied there directly from Costa Rica, Ethiopia, Brazil. This explains its unique taste, and its average cost is from 2 to €3.

Secondly, the Coffeedesk chain, where some types of coffee cost around €1.5.

Also in Warsaw there is a cool eMeSeN coffee shop. It is also a large bookstore located in the premises of the Museum of Modern Art. Therefore, if you want to enjoy both art, reading and drink delicious coffee at the same time, then hurry to this place right away!

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