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New York City
“It's cheaper to see New York, buy a guided tour of the Big Apple at a discount. Excursions in Lower and Upper Manhattan. Midtown, Upper East Side, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Grand Central Terminal, Zoo, Soho, Financial District and Chinatown. Let's see the Statue of Liberty for free.”

In New York, an excellent way get know the city quickly and inexpensively by excursions is on buses such as Hop on Hop off.

They run to popular destinations, each lasting a whole day, sometimes 2. Feel free to linger on sightseeing. If your bus leaves, the next one will arrive, you can continue the trip on it all day.

Choose a route, buy a ticket and set off to travel around New York.

Here are the most popular ones.

Upper Manhattan (blue)

Passes through the streets of Midtown, Upper East Side. You can see the main attractions: Metropolitan Museum, Central Station, Zoo.

Lower Manhattan (red)

Driving through Lower Manhattan you will be able to visit the districts of Soho, Financial District, Chinatown.

You can pop into the M&M’s Store, Madame Tussauds, getting off at the desired stop. Of course, visit the Statue of Liberty, which is also perfectly visible from the bus windows.


As you drive, see the incredible Central Park and the surrounding skyscrapers. A truly breathtaking sight. See the American Museum of Natural Sciences, Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine, and the Apollo Theater.


Of course, Brooklyn Bridge, Barclays Center, Brooklyn Botanic Gardens. The Statue of Liberty will be visible.

Where to buy a ticket for the tour

Big Bus Tour is a good option.

There are 2 main routes: Red (Lower Manhattan) and Blue (Upper Manhattan). They offer different ticket options. Tours often include sightseeing visits and bike rental bonuses.

You will be able to pay directly on the street or on the company’s website. The site is usually 20% cheaper, here is the link filter-form.

Adhere to the list of stops and attractions provided. All routes have audio guides.

Application for buying tickets for a tour
Application for buying tickets for a tour

Ticket options and prices


Includes: Red, Blue.

Costs $47.2

Sightseeing tour of the city center.

Available Red.

Price $44.10

City tour.

Available Blue.

Cost $44.10

Classic + Empire State Building.

Includes both popular routes plus a visit to the Empire State Building.

Bonus when renting bicycles — 1 hour rental for free.

All for 79 USD.

Classic + Madame Tussauds.

Includes both routes and a visit to the museum.

Bicycle rental bonus + 1 hour rental for $0.

The cost is 69 USD.

Classic + water cruise.

Includes Cr., Blue Routes and Water Cruise. Admire the views of New York and the Statue of Liberty The cruise lasts 1 hour.

You can buy it for 64 USD.

Download the Big Bus Tour app to your phone. And track the movement of buses in real time. It is available to transfer the date, if the need arises. This must be done at least 72 hours before the start.

It is better to start the trip in the morning: there are fewer people and there is an opportunity to take good places in front.

In connection with the pandemic, check the current data on the official website in advance.

How to see the Statue of Liberty and not pay?

Statue of Liberty at sunset
Statue of Liberty at sunset

To visit this monument, as a rule, you need to stand in a queue for many hours and pay an entrance fee.

But if you are not planning to climb inside, then I will show you how to examine it up close and take a cool selfie at no cost!

Ferries run in New York and are completely free for everyone. They depart from South Ferry or Whitehall Tube stations to Staten Island.

After exiting the subway, you will see the Staten Island Ferry terminal. You go there! The ferry is free.

Better to take the right side, from there the Statue of Liberty will be clearly visible. And also a pleasant bonus of travel will be a stunning view of the city: the Brooklyn Bridge and skyscrapers! Here’s a great place for selfies and souvenirs.

The ferry journey will take approximately 25 minutes. They are sent every day, every 30 minutes, canceled due to bad weather.

When the ferry arrives, everyone will be asked to leave, regardless of whether you intend to stay on the island or return immediately. You just need to take the ferry again and sail back. Bonus: you can look at the Statue of Liberty again!

The TravelQ blog team wishes you smart travel with no overpay. The less we spend on travel, the more we can travel.

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