New prices for parking in Warsaw

New prices and expansion of SPPN's unguarded parking areas. Life hack - how not to get a ticket for parking in Warsaw

This price is expected from August 15, 2022.

Prices for parking on the territory of SPPN

  • First hour – 4.50;
  • next or second – 5.40;
  • third hour – 6.40;
  • the fourth and each subsequent one will cost you 4.50 zl.

Parking hours and fines

SPPN’s unguarded parking lots are open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. The car can be left around the clock, but payment will be asked only during working hours.
For those who forgot to pay, the penalties will become more significant. The sanction has increased by 50% and amounts to 300 zlotys. The opportunity to pay in the first 7 days, at a reduced rate – remains. If you use it, the amount is reduced to 200.

Extension of SPPN Zones

parking SPPN

The declared start date of the new borders is January 2023. The territory will increase to the following areas: Mokotowie, Praze-Półnoс. In which, many apartments are set for rent and it is often cheaper than booking a hotel room. In Gornym Mokotowie it will be enlarged to Różanej Street, and in Dolnym Mokotowie it will be increased to Gagarina Street.

How not to get a fine for unpaid parking in Warsaw

Life hack for drivers. The capital of Poland is quite a large city, movement by car is quite justified.
But how not to overshadow the trip with expired parking. You parked your car, paid for parking for an hour, and went about your business. Walking and enjoying the beautiful view you forgot about the time and here increases the likelihood of getting a penalty for unpaid parking. In order not to spoil your mood and save money, I recommend the SkyCash application. You will be able to make a payment, for example, for one hour, and then it will renew itself until you stop it. Be sure to stick a special sticker on the windshield, buy it through the same application.

windshield sticker
windshield sticker

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