Mariupol. Chronology of war

Editor’s column
Thousands killed by the occupiers. Mass graves for Mariupol residents, drama theater, maternity hospital, Azovstal, capture of the city, filtration camps, annexation

The whole of Ukraine has been proud to look at Mariupol since 2014. Then the city did not submit to the Putin horde. It was the townspeople who first rebelled against armed orcs, risking themselves, but confidently stating that death is better than lifelong captivity as part of an ugly stranger! And then came the military: the border guards, the Azov regiment, who knocked the Muscovites out of the city in 2014.

The Russians halted the military offensive, leaving under their control part of the Donetsk and Luhansk regions, including regional centers.

The war has moved into a protracted stage. Most Ukrainians did not understand that our country was attacked by the aggressor and continued to live a mundane life until February 24, 2022.

This story about the war in Ukraine and the heroic Ukrainian city of Mariupol

The war in Ukraine began at about 4 am on 24.02.2022. Russian troops followed a broad front. Attack on Ukraine from the territories occupied in Donetsk and Luhansk regions, Crimea, Russia and Belarus.

 I personally heard the explosions in Chernihiv and found out at 9 a.m. that the border had torn through and the village of Senkovka had been burned. A few hours later, I saw the bombed-out building of a military unit in Brovary near Kiev, in the air it smelled strongly of war.

February 24, 2022, Mariupol – beginning

Russia immediately attacked the information space with a fake that the city is already in the hands of DNR militants. Deception, lies, tampering with facts, banning independent media are the usual tools of the Russian Propaganda Ministry. They are used to form the “right” point of view in the population of the republics under their control and in the territories that Moscow plans to occupy. Alexey Gromov now runs this secret Moscow administration.

Russian fake launched in Mariupol in the early days of the war
Russian fake launched in Mariupol in the early days of the war

In fact, as of 15:00 fighting along the entire line of contact, especially fierce near the village of Pischevyk. Orcs tried to break through the defense of the city using 16 tanks, it did not work. Ukrainian soldiers on the ground and protect every meter of the earth! Mariupol is under the control of the Ukrainian military. Glory to Ukraine! 

February 25 – Residents of the city see marks underfoot and beacons of missile guidance. Such a message has passed through the city – marks are sprinkled with earth, and lighthouses are broken.

The attacks of the invaders end in failures and great losses in technology and manpower. We urge Mariupol residents not to give in to panic, to protect themselves and their loved ones. Trust the Ukrainian army! Be careful – the activities of hostile sabotage groups and correctors are possible in the city. If you notice suspicious persons, please call 102 immediately.

marks for enemy aircraft
marks for enemy aircraft
pointer for the enemy on the tree
pointer for the enemy on the tree

The 26th city received warning messages about this kind of tags and beacons for targeting enemy missiles. The military and law enforcement officers warn: “All those who work for the enemy – put marks on the asphalt and houses, place beacons, correct the fire of enemy artillery and report on the movement of the Ukrainian military – an order to destroy such people on the spot. We urge you to surrender to law enforcement and cooperate, the alternative is death.”

electronic sensors for aiming enemy missiles
electronic sensors for aiming enemy missiles

Fighting for the city continues. The enemy continues its empty attempts to make its way to the city, but courageous defenders from different units destroy the Kremlin invaders.

Law enforcement agencies continue to operate in the city. We warn all lovers of easy profit, all looters will be responsible in accordance with Ukrainian wartime legislation. The police will find every looter.

The enemy tried to break through to Mariupol from the Volnovakha direction!

Soldiers of the Azov regiment took the battle and stopped the Kremlin invaders. Azov partially defeated the enemy column, the remnants of the enemy retreated. Our soldiers took 6 prisoners.

Statement by the Commander of the Azov Battalion, February 26, 2022

February 27 – Russian invaders continue to shell civilians, vilely and unconscionably talking about their supposedly good goals there. 

The Russians are vile killers who decided to destroy the Ukrainian nation, choosing the most defenseless. The second shelling of the village of Sartana near Mariupol today with civilian casualties – dead and wounded.

In Kiev because of enemy shelling killed a child. Five other wounded were hospitalized in Okhmatdyt, three of whom were children.

Injured in Kiev region girl, who was only a year old, could not cope with the injuries. The little Ukrainian woman’s heart stopped.

The Russians will be punished for this. Soon!

Let’s avenge everyone, we will not forgive any victims, we will destroy hundreds of invaders for every Ukrainian killed!

Russian troops fired on private homes in Mariupol
Russian troops fired on private homes in Mariupol

The city is preparing for defense

In order to prevent the enemy from advancing on our territory, follow these rules:

1. If you see a column of tanks, after them will definitely go a column of fuel trucks. Do whatever is necessary so that they do not pass. Block roads, roll trees, stretch the nets out of the gate, any way suitable. No fuel – no equipment.

2. If you see that the column has entered the forest belt – roll the trees, block as well, do not let them go out.

3. If you know that the enemy stopped in the forest, and are 100% sure that this is an enemy, do not feel sorry for the forest, light it… the new one will grow on the bones of the occupier!!!

4. Who has ESCAVATORS available, dig up settlements so that the enemy can not pass, do not expect someone to do it for you!

5. To the attention of the owners of weapons with OPTICAL SIGHTS, it is not necessary to go to the enemy in the open, shoot from a distance on wheels, this will stop transport, then – according to the circumstances.

6. Remove the signs on the terrain, all of you are oriented, the enemy is not. If they ask where we are – show imagination, MISINFORM THE ENEMY.

7. Everyone has heard about the labels that saboteurs make on buildings, near important objects, etc. Fill with earth, fill with resin, destroy in any way.

8. If there is information that the enemy is on the way, burn straw, tires in large quantities, black smoke misinforms, the enemy will have the idea that the settlement has already been shelled, it will help to win a little time!!!

folk cocktail recipe for the occupier
folk cocktail recipe for the occupier

On the same day in Mariupol, the Ukrainian military covered the technical intelligence group of Russia. 

Hard drives, laptops, tablets, camera, memory cards, phones – storage devices with these enemies. 

They also had Russian passports and a specific task – to monitor the mood of locals and incite them to contribute to the Russian occupation. 

They persuaded the townspeople to put labels on civilian structures, without explaining that in the end these houses would be shelled. 

in Mariupol, the military covered Russia's technical intelligence group
in Mariupol, the military covered Russia’s technical intelligence group

And a similar enemy group was also detained in Melitopol.

in Melitopol, the military covered Russia's technical intelligence group
in Melitopol, the military covered Russia’s technical intelligence group

February 28 – The fight continues. Defenders of the city gave a decent rebuff to the occupier. During one of the activities of the enemy aircraft, 2 calculations of manpads of the Azov regiment were worked out on it. The missile hit the tail of the aircraft (probably su-25).

photo of correspondence of the occupier liquidated near Mariupol
photo of correspondence of the occupier liquidated near Mariupol

March 1 – city surrounded

Banned the sale of alcohol in the city.that the enemy is preparing the “Ilovaisk boiler”, but this time for civilians. 

Residents of Mariupol and other frontline cities, be careful! Kremlin bots make mass insinuations that the occupiers are preparing a so-called corridor through which civilians can leave the city. The enemy, which is now killing and destroying throughout the country, has planned another provocation with civilian casualties, and wants to accuse the Ukrainian military of killing civilians.

To know the current information – trust only official Ukrainian sources – the city’s website and the mayor. 

Such enemy “corridors” are created for mass shootings, so if possible, either do not leave the house or leave holding weapons, Molotov Cocktails, in order to stop the Russian occupier. You don’t have to run away, they have to run away.

Ukrainian defenders will help.

Among other things, spring came, shelled the Kirov area.

Mariupol, Kirov district
Mariupol, Kirov district

March 2, 2022 – Orcs continue to shell Mariupol day and night.

At 23:10, an Italian street came under enemy fire, killing a person. An injured child was also injured at night. 

During the day – 4 killed, 5 wounded.

The enemy’s goal is to scare and break the townspeople, but living eight years with a threat from a bloody neighbor, Mariupol knows more than anyone that it is impossible to negotiate with the enemy, the enemy must be overcome!

The occupying forces were unable to realize their fantasies of the imminent capture of the city. Therefore, they began to destroy civilian infrastructure and carry out shelling on civilians. Yesterday and today, the occupier attempted an information operation, but no disinformation will shake the faith of the local population in its defenders and its determination to resist.

Ukrainian soldiers continue to keep the enemy on the approaches to the city causing him huge losses. The army detects and gradually destroys enemy artillery to protect Mariupol from shelling.

The hunt for enemy equipment is also being extended, today the soldiers of the Azov battalion repelled 6 attacks on the approaches to the city. Cowardly Putin’s mercenaries during one of the battles escaped, leaving 2 tanks and 2 IFVs. 

Having suffered losses in technology and manpower, the enemy retreated.

From the weapons of Russian fascists at night suffered a maternity hospital in Mariupol. Doctors are forced to continue their work in conditions of threat to their own lives.

Moskals are so eager to help the civilian population that they cut off half a million city from all communications 

March 3. The occupants continue to fire, preventing the restoration of lighting and water supply in Mariupol.

The Epicenter burns, Silpo burns. In the city there are saboteurs who are trying to help the occupier to leave civilians without food. At the same time, due to enemy fire, it is extremely dangerous to leave the city.

Defenders of Mariupol will continue to fight against the Muscovites until their complete extermination around the city, while calling on local residents to destroy Russia’s accomplices.

Moskals are afraid, they are trying to destroy a beautiful city by the sea, because they themselves are accustomed to living in the smelly barns of their dirty homeland.

After yesterday’s bombing of Mariupol, according to police, five people were already known to have been killed, including two children. A large number were injured.

March 4 – territorial defense, the SBU, other law enforcement agencies and residents of the city do not allow Russian columns into the city. The enemy does not feel sorry for the city, which refused to accept it with bread and salt. Treacherous Muscovites destroy critical civilian infrastructure so that people despair and stop resisting.

photo March 4, 2022 Mariupol
photo March 4, 2022 Mariupol

The enemy shelled the center of Mangush with hailstones. The street of Peace, the house of culture, the tax and pantheon of Glory suffered. Due to the constant threats of shelling, the SES cannot begin rescue work. At present, we know exactly about 6 civilians killed.

March 5 – Fierce fighting continues on the outskirts of the city. Today, the enemy tried to break through the defense from three directions. Constant shelling of residential areas. Russians mercilessly destroy the homes of Mariupol residents in order to make the townspeople despair and not resist the occupation. The decision to evacuate the local population has not yet been made. No “ceasefire” regime has been introduced. Therefore, the defenders of Mariupol urge Mariupol residents to wait for information from the military and not to leave the city without guarantees of a ceasefire. At this moment, the fighting continues, shelling continues, provocations from the Russian invaders are possible.

Residents gathered in several parts of the city to form an evacuation convoy. The enemy once again showed his true face and shelled those areas of the city in which people gather for evacuation. There was also a fire route which was supposed to take mariupol. The Ukrainian military was able to convince people to disperse their homes, which avoided human casualties. The Russians once again proved that none of their words are worth anything.

Sixth. The second attempt at a “green corridor” for civilians again ended in shelling. It should be understood that due to the killing of civilians by the occupation forces, there can be no guarantees of the safety of the “green corridors”, because only the sick brain of orcas decides when to start gating and from whom. Today, yesterday’s situation was repeated and the militants opened fire without ensuring the regime of silence.

In general, the enemy continues to shell the city. The TOS-1 “Buratino” operates on the MKR “Vostochny”, and enemy aircraft, tanks, barrel and rocket artillery also operate in the city. The number of civilian casualties is specified, entire areas of the city are destroyed and burned by Russian invaders, destroying people!!!

War criminals of the Russian Federation today in the battles near Mariupol suffered losses. The soldiers of the Azov regiment destroyed: 7 tanks, 5 ACVs, 2 Tigris, about 40 Russian invaders, two were captured.

A tank destroyed near Mariupol
A tank destroyed near Mariupol

March 7 – the city is still without communication, lighting, water and even gas. So the townspeople cook food near the houses on fires. No matter how scary it is – the danger unites them, neighbors help their neighbors.

Russian invaders continue to attack Mariupol, while destroying all areas from enemy fire. There are no streets without broken windows, destroyed apartments or even houses. It is difficult to say at the expense of the victims of Russian aggression, because the bodies of the dead neighbors are buried right in the courtyards of the residential sector.

March 8 – Once again, the occupier demonstrated his meanness by attempting to break into the city at the very moment of a green corridor organized for people and creating a real threat to the lives of civilians trying to leave besieged Mariupol, which is under constant enemy fire. A few hours ago, at the intersection of Mira Avenue and Trade Street in mariupol, an enemy air raid was carried out.

residents of Mariupol prepare food on fire
residents of Mariupol prepare food on fire

 Two bombs were dropped on the institutions of the International Committee of the Red Cross and the Ukrainian branch of the Red Cross. Residential buildings and a shopping center were destroyed.

Mariupol March 8, 2022
Mariupol March 8, 2022

March 9 – The occupiers do not allow humanitarian convoys into the city, and civilians are not allowed out of the city along the “green corridor”. Mariupol is on the verge of a humanitarian catastrophe. People collect rainwater for drinking, cook on the fire on the street, and the dead neighbors are buried right in the courtyards. Those who are buried by anyone lie just on the streets of the city, until the communal workers take them away, and are buried in mass graves. A huge number of houses have been destroyed and people are sheltering in bomb shelters and religious buildings, but the enemy is also shelling these structures. If ukrainian troops do not deblock the city in the near future, the famine will begin, and the genocide of Ukrainians, which was conceived by the Russians, will be completed.

Residential house on fire
Residential house on fire
bombed yard and car
bombed yard and car

The defenders of Mariupol keep the defense, a special respect for the police patrolling and helping as much as they can. The Marines today destroyed four tanks and one IFV. Azov destroyed and damaged 11 units of armored vehicles. In particular, the command and staff car was destroyed. No one counts the enemy infantry anymore. People believe in defenders, believe in Azov, many do not want to leave, many have nowhere. It is important for others to preserve the house, even when it has already become a ruin, but the occupiers have no right to take not their own. It is necessary to act together, the city from March 1 in the environment. This is not only the territory held by the Azov, Marines and others. These are the people, these are our patriots who gave their lives for Ukraine.

Mass graves of civilians killed by orca bombings are beginning to appear in the city

mass grave in Mariupol
mass grave in Mariupol

The airstrike covered the maternity hospital

Killing the child. 17 people were injured. Children, women, doctors… Three died. Among them is a tiny Ukrainian woman.

More photos from the city as of this date.

Residential neighborhoods are being bombed, and air bombs are being dropped on the City Center. The main department of the State Emergency Service in Donetsk region was destroyed. The only place where civilians gathered to call home, to tell what was happening in Mariupol, was cynically shelled by hailstones. Within 15 minutes, the shooting was again.

According to preliminary data, today killed 36 civilians and many wounded. Counting is still ongoing.

In Mariupol began city battles

Defenders of the city do not allow the enemy to gain a foothold and constantly counterattack it. Two tanks, two trucks and about 80 enemy infantry were destroyed.

March 11 – Defenders hold the defense for the 15th day.

To save civilians who are killed daily as a result of shelling by Russian invaders, a complete ceasefire is needed, which is impossible due to the meanness of Putin’s inhumans.

Every day, citizens are promised a “green corridor”, people leave bomb shelters, risking themselves, but the occupiers continue to drive, putting the inhabitants of the city in even greater danger.

Mariupol needs a safe “green corridor” and a deblocking.

March 12. The enemy hits residential areas and the city center, methodically destroying Mariupol to the ground. It uses prohibited cluster bombs. There are hundreds of destroyed and damaged houses in the city. It is impossible to accurately calculate the number of deaths now.

As long as the skies over Ukraine are open, children will continue to die.

Due to enemy bombs, Mariupol today lost six more citizens. Two of them are children. Many wounded. Two other children are in serious condition.

Adults cooked food by the fire in the yard the central district, because there is no electricity or gas in the houses, the children were near them. At the same time, Russian aircraft continued to bomb peaceful neighborhoods. Close the sky over Mariupol, or at least give air defense to counter Russian killers!

A high-rise building in Mariupol was bombed on March 12, 2022
A high-rise building in Mariupol was bombed on March 12, 2022

March 13. The enemy is gradually destroying residential areas. The city is surrounded. Video snippet of their work.

Destruction of residential areas of Mariupol

As a result of today’s battle, the commander of the azov tank company in his tank destroyed 3 enemy T-72 and 1 Tigris. In total, the Azov destroyed 6 tanks, as well as 2 APRs, 1 Tigris and enemy infantry. 12 enemies were captured by the Azov people.

Fierce fighting continues. Defenders of the city bravely fight with the forces of the enemy, which are many times more. The spirit of the fighters is indestructible, because we understand that the enemy is ready to turn everything into ruins. The struggle for the life of a half-million city continues.

In one day, Russian aircraft bombed Mariupol more than 22 times. Ponder!!! More than 100 bombs were dropped. These are the ones from which the ground remains craters of four meters.

Can you imagine what happens when they hit homes? And in people?

According to official data alone, we lost 2,187 citizens from the Attack of the Muscovites. But these terrible figures are only those who have been identified, not including those still lying on the streets, buried in mass graves and people under the rubble.

The captured Russians made sure that propaganda deceived them, there were no Nazis in Ukraine. You can watch the video message in the Telegram channel of the Azov regiment, who captured these soldiers deceived by propaganda


In fire, smoke and destruction. That’s what it looks like from heaven today. It is from this spring, open to the enemy, the sky – around the clock fly bombs to the once beautiful seaside city.

14 березня 2022 року МАРІУПОЛЬ У ВОГНІ

March 15. Captured hospital

In fire, smoke and destruction. That’s what it looks like from heaven today. It is from this spring, open to the enemy, the sky – around the clock fly bombs to the once beautiful seaside city.

March 15. Captured hospital

Today it became known that the regional hospital of intensive treatment in Mariupol on Trinity Street was captured by Russian troops. Staff and patients are held hostage by Putin’s inhumans. There they continue to drive the townspeople off the street, leading shelling from the windows of the medical institution, trying to provoke the defenders of Mariupol. So the Muscovites make a picture for Russian television, at the cost of human lives, acting according to their own methods, because more recently, having bombed a maternity hospital in Mariupol, they told azov fighters who were hiding there.

On this day, military doctors turned to the whole world. If you think that you can imagine the scale of the disaster in Mariupol from the crimes of Russia, then, I assure you, you can not even imagine. We, doctors, are trying to help not only the military, but also civilians around the clock under the shelling of enemy aircraft and artillery. Because ambulances no longer drive and no one helps anyone. And almost every bomb, hail, destruction is not just wounded. These are severed arms and legs, dislocated eyes, torn by fragments of the body, falling insides… I understand that it is painful to listen, because among the wounded and dead, perhaps, your relatives and friends. But listen, because you have to understand the situation and act. Remind me of Mariupol. Shout about him. Because we do not want to be heroes and martyrs posthumously.

appeal of a physician from the besieged Mariupol
appeal of a physician from the besieged Mariupol

The video of this appeal is here.

Brutal footage of the murder of a resident of Mariupol by Russian tankers. The elderly man attracted attention so that he would not be shot, but Putin’s fiend shot at a defenseless civilian man. This is what the “Russian world” looks like. I posted the video on my Twitter page for the long time I started working on this article

March 16. An appeal from the deputy commander of the AZOV regiment, Captain Svyatoslav Palamar, a friend of Kalina from the blockade city. 21 days continues the heroic defense of the outpost of Ukraine – Mariupol!

I call on all those who care about the fate of Mariupol – those who left the city and whose relatives and friends stayed here. Who was born in this seaside fortress and who knew Mariupol before its destruction by the Russian horde: if it is not in your power to hold weapons in your hands or you do not fight on other fronts of Ukraine – go out, in which city or in which country you would not be – take to the streets with the message “Mariupol is Ukraine!” video appeal can be viewed at the link

According to the Telegram channel of the TV channel “Ukraine 24”, the occupation Russian troops near Zaporizhzhya shot a convoy of cars moving from Mariupol to Zaporizhzhya from hail. According to the source, there are dead and wounded, including children. This was reported to correspondents by eyewitnesses. The information was also confirmed by the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. It also said the shooting was carried out at 3:30 p.m. There will be no forgiveness for the Russian invaders, in this world and in the rest.

Orcs drop super-powerful bomb on Mariupol Drama Theater

Mariupol Drama Theater after the Orc air strike
Mariupol Drama Theater after the Orc air strike

This theater was a refuge in which residents of blockaded Mariupol escaped from continuous shelling. As you know, almost a thousand civilians were hiding in the theater. More than 300 people died. 

March 17. SBU officers, having made an attempt to get citizens from the rubble of the Mariupol Drama Theater destroyed by the invaders, came under enemy fire. 

Not only did the Russians drop two heavy-lying bombs on a room where civilians were hiding, they also do not allow assistance to people trapped under the rubble.

18/03/2022 – as of 15:00, the soldiers of the Azov regiment destroyed enemy equipment, in particular: 1 tank and 1 “Lynx”, another tank was hit. Fierce battles of the defenders of Mariupol with the occupier continue, including on the streets of the city. 

The servicemen repel the enemy, which does not stop the attack on Mariupol with its artillery and aviation. 

March 19. For courage and effective actions, for the protection of the heroic city, President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy awarded the title of Hero of Ukraine to two legendary commanders! The commander of the azov special forces detachment is Denis Prokopenko and the commander of the 36th separate brigade of marines Vladimir Baraniuk.

The city has passed a warning message. Attention!!! The occupiers wear white armbands on the residents of Mariupol so that Ukrainian defenders confuse them with Russians! According to local residents, the Russians mislead civilians by tying them with white armbands, ostensibly as an insignia of the civilian population.

We emphasize!!! With white armbands, the Russians define their Putin’s army, thus hiding behind civilians and putting them in additional danger. Be careful and do not succumb to the provocations of the enemy!

The invaders also dropped bombs on the city’s art school, where about 400 people were hiding from enemy shelling, including women, children and the elderly.

March 20, the 20th day of the blockade. Bombs fall every 10 minutes. In addition to tanks, artillery, today 4 large landing ships of the Russian Federation were shelling the Ukrainian Mariupol. With such zeal that probably to this day the city has never seen. Officers, sergeants, soldiers continue to fight. And only according to confirmed data, today only the Azov people destroyed 4 tanks and many Ordinal infantry. The National Guard, border guards and the SBU, I am sure, also have results. 

Destroyed car Orcs near Mariupol
Destroyed car Orcs near Mariupol

March 21. The Russians are chaotically firing enemy fire, enemy aircraft are dropping bombs on infrastructure. Destroyed factories, industrial enterprises that provided citizens with work and allowed to conduct international trade. Thus, the invaders are trying to destroy the economy of Ukraine.

The Otsupirs are destroying the Civil Infrastructure of Mariupol

Over the past day, the soldiers of the regiment “Azov” destroyed 2 enemy tanks, 17 units of manpower of the occupier and sunk an enemy boat  03160 Raptor. Captured trophy weapons of the enemy, namely: RPG-30, “Fagot”, heavy machine gun “Cord”, “Bumblebee”. Defenders of the city with all their might continue to take away from the enemy the opportunity to destroy residential buildings and kill citizens.

March 22. Russian aircraft today dropped two heavy-lying bombs. The city suffered even more destruction. Heavy fighting continues, Putin’s horde covers our land with its corpses, which are not going to be taken away, and behind the infantry throwing to storm the city, there are firing squads. It’s even hard to imagine in the 21st century, Putinism at its best. The enemy, unable to overcome the defense of Mariupol, drops heavy bombs on the city, destroys buildings, kills people with tanks, heats up ships, artillery…

The day before, the enemy fired on buses with children who were evacuated from Mariupol to Zaporizhzhya. Russian monsters boldly, ruthlessly and ostentatiously destroy the population of our country. They sea the townspeople with cold and hunger. How do you sleep now, world? When the inhabitants of a peaceful seaside town can not turn a blind eye due to constant bombing. You are probably very concerned and concerned about the situation in Mariupol. But these are not your citizens, so hurry up. I emphasize that if we are not Ukrainians, then tomorrow the same situation will await you.

In captivity, the Russians are trying to keep not only the inhabitants of Mariupol. In captivity, the enemy is trying to keep the truth about the crimes committed by committing genocide of the Ukrainian people. 

There is information that Putin’s henchmen preyed on Associated Press journalists. They wanted journalists to say that the photos they had taken during their stay in Mariupol, surrounded by the enemy, were fake. Among the photos are impressive photos from the russian maternity hospital shelled by aircraft, photos from hospitals… The enemy is trying with all its might to hide that it is Putin’s Russia that is committing crimes against humanity. To this end, residents are forced to go to the aggressor country or pseudo-republics. 

March 24. This is Mariupol today… It’s like a dead city shot by the enemy. But it still lives on. People breathe there – hungry, in the basements of half-burned houses. Their hearts are still beating under the rubble with the hope of salvation. Our Mariupol continues to feel pain from bombs and artillery. He is still a living organism waiting to be rescued…

Mariupol from a height. March 24, 2022
Mariupol from a height. March 24, 2022
Mariupol from a height. March 24, 2022
Mariupol from a height. March 24, 2022

Putin’s Horde seized the Church of the Intercession of the Mother of God and fire from the windows of the church institution. A kind of Muscovite scraps in all its glory – to kill in front of icons in the name of their king.

25.03.2022. First, the Russians destroyed the city, and then came to the temporarily occupied area of Mariupol with a humanitarian and Russian propagandists. On the 23rd microdistrict “suddenly” stopped pouring hail, dropping bombs. The invaders say that the shelling was carried out by the Nazis, without explaining, however, that these Nazis are them.

But now, after a month of merciless enemy shelling, thousands of dead townspeople, the enemy cynically shoots a picture for the grateful, but as stupid and zazombed Russian viewer as possible: about people who take bread from the occupier, because the enemy personally cut off food supplies and starved them. And in the temporarily occupied area of the city now do not shoot, because there is now the shooting of the next fakes. Maximum cynicism.

Orcs distribute bread in the occupied area 23 to its inhabitants
Orcs distribute bread in the occupied area 23 to its inhabitants

In these March days of 2022, a young resident of Mariupol shot a video diary, I posted it so that more people could see the facts.

March 26 – 27. Part of the city is occupied by orcs. Many European countries support Mariupol, a flash mob was made at the central station of New York. Thousands of Ukrainians and concerned Europeans came out in the largest cities of the continent to support Ukraine in the war for independence. People with Ukrainian flags, posters in support of Mariupol residents and defenders of the city came to the main squares of Megapolises and urged not to turn a blind eye to the humanitarian catastrophe in Mariupol and the war in Ukraine.

demonstration in support of Mariupol
demonstration in support of Mariupol

March 28. Several blocks are occupied by orcs, there are battles around and in the city. About 70% of the city has already been destroyed. About half of the residents are still in the basements of the houses. Food and clean water have long been lacking. Enemy aircraft and artillery operate in residential areas. The occupier’s tactic is to bomb a high-rise building to the ground, then the infantry comes in. The defenders of the city are fighting for every street. As video of the tank’s work on a high-rise building, civilians hid in the basement.

March 29 – 30 – 31. Defenders ask for the blockade of the city and continue to fight for Mariupol and for Ukraine.

The Russian occupiers once again confirmed that they are war criminals who do not adhere to any rules and principles of warfare. This time they committed a war crime against the International Committee of the Red Cross. The invaders purposefully destroy the building marked with a red cross against a white background by air and artillery shelling. This is one of the most audacious war crimes. After all, such crosses mark places where wounded, civilian or humanitarian goods can be located. The only people who violated the rules of war were the troops of Hitler’s Germany, who also shelled buildings and transport marked with red crosses. We will remind, the ICRC recently increasingly cooperate with the Russians. In particular, they contribute to the forced deportation of Ukrainians to the aggressor country and plan to open a center for the admission of Ukrainians in The Russian Rostov. But cooperation with orcas historically has one bottom line – Russian bombs on your roof.

The Red Cross building in Mariupol was bombed
The Red Cross building in Mariupol was bombed

April 1 -2. Mariupol today. You don’t recognize me. I’ve changed. My streets don’t tell happy stories. But they tell stories of struggle and invincibility.

Mariupol on April 1, 2022
Mariupol on April 1, 2022

April 3 – 4 – 5, 2022. Battles in the city and outside the city. The invaders continue to shell the Mariupol port, which houses foreign vessels with crews on them. Enemy fire of Russian troops from the sea shelled a civilian ship under the flag of the Dominican Republic, which was near one of the berths. One of the crew members was wounded, the crew and the victim were assisted by soldiers of the Azov regiment. As a result of the shelling, the ship broke out and sinks, while the enemy continues shelling, making it impossible to extinguish the fire. In addition, the blocked Port of Mariupol also houses two vessels from Malta and a ship from Jamaica and Liberia. On one of the vessels there are turkish citizens. Video of the appeal of the motorist of the ship Asburg, which entered the port under the flag of the Dominican Republic and was sunk by orcas

The ship in the port of Mariupol is on fire from Russian shelling
The ship in the port of Mariupol is on fire from Russian shelling

April 6 – 7. During the day, the soldiers of the Regiment “Azov” damaged 2 tanks, destroyed the enemy ammunition depot and many enemy infantry. The occupation forces continue to commit war crimes, in particular using phosphorous bombs, dropping them on the city. But the fight for Ukrainian Mariupol continues. With faith in the happy future of Ukraine and victory over evil. Mariupol is Ukraine !!!

April 8 – 9. The soldiers effectively worked on the positions of the Russian invaders from where they conducted mortar fire. Damaged, without the possibility of further operation, krazy enemy. 

Destroyed equipment of the occupiers in Mariupol
Destroyed equipment of the occupiers in Mariupol

On the 8th night, Russian occupation forces in the Mariupol commercial port fired on the icebreaker “Captain Belousov”, which was carrying a civilian crew. As a result of the shelling, one person was killed and several others were injured. Putin’s killers continue to destroy the port in which foreign ships with crews are located!

Civilians are killed in the city every day, photo by link, open, if morally ready, there are dead people

April 10 – 11. The Russians stop bombing the areas they have captured and handing out bread and water to people who had everything before they arrived. But the steely characters hold on. They hold on to the main hope, to win, to defeat the cruel Russian “mastery”.

Chemical attack

In the evening of the 11th, Russian occupation forces used a poisonous substance of unknown origin against Ukrainian military and civilians in the city of Mariupol, which was dropped. The victims have respiratory failure, vestibular-atactic syndrome.

April 12. The injured persons as a result of the enemy’s distribution of a poisonous substance of unknown origin in the city are in relatively satisfactory condition. The contact of civilians with the substance was minimal, because the epicenter of the lesion was at a certain distance from the location of people. The military was closer. However, now it is impossible to examine fully, due to enemy fire, because the Russians continue to carry out tactics of concealing their own crimes.

April 13 – 18. The blockade continues, 12.04 – regiment “Azov” was united with the 36th separate brigade of marines named after Rear Admiral Mikhail Bilinsky, under the leadership of Sergey Volyn. Together, they continue to resist the enemy, which is several times higher than their number of soldiers and equipment.

April 19 – 20. The destruction of the equipment and manpower of the invaders continues, but they have large reserves. The task of the defenders of Mariupol is to resist the much large group of the occupier for as long as possible. Buy time to regroup Ukrainian troops.

With an appeal to the leadership of the country and the world community appealed deputy commander of the regiment “Azov” Sergey Kalina. He stresses the need to rescue civilians, the wounded and take away bodies, video here

April 21 – 23. Many civilians come to the Azovstal plant to hide from the shelling of the invaders. Defenders of Mariupol found enemy military equipment in the city, including Russian tanks marked “V”. This means that units of occupiers who committed atrocities in Bucha were transferred to the city: they killed, raped, tortured civilians. In Warsaw held actions in support of the defenders of Mariupol. Svyatoslav Vakarchuk dedicated the song to their courage, its name is the City of Mary.

Tank marked V in Mariupol - liquidated
Tank marked V in Mariupol – liquidated

April 24 – 25 – Easter. Christ is Risen – Ukraine will rise again! On this day, the enemy continues to drop air bombs, tanks are working, ship and ground artillery are fired. More and more civilians are coming to the azovstal factory bomb shelters because most of the houses in the city are in such a state as in the photo below.

The military occupied the circular defense of the Azovstal plant.

houses in Mariupol as of April 24, 2022
houses in Mariupol as of April 24, 2022

On this day in the city of New York held a demonstration in support of Mariupol.

demonstration in support of Mariupol in New York on April 24, 2022
demonstration in support of Mariupol in New York on April 24, 2022

About the life of civilians at the Azovstal plant a short video. They are there because the city is surrounded and the Orcs do not let people into the Ukraine.

video from the bunker of the Azovstal plant

Azovstal plant

April 26 – 27, 2022. The city is under the control of orcs, except for the last fortress – Azovstal. Defenders and civilians gathered on the territory of the plant.

To understand the reader, I note that the territory of the Azovstal plant is a fifth of the entire city. Every day, the commanders of our defenders appeal to the world with a request for the safe evacuation of civilians and wounded. Orcs very often violate the agreements on the regime of silence and shell columns of Mariupol residents who are evacuated along humanitarian corridors.

Last night alone, 35 airstrikes were carried out, during which one of the workshops was ignited. But most importantly, civilians who are now under the rubble suffered from them. Soldiers of the Battalion “Azov” provide first aid and make forces to free all from the rubble.

Azovstal plant April 2022
Azovstal plant April 2022

April 28 – May 1. At the military field hospital, located on the territory of the Azovstal plant in Mariupol, where wounded defenders are located, the Russians massively dropped multi-ton bombs capable of breaking through any concrete protective structures. Then, having already caused destruction, they continued to mercilessly shell the ruins with ship’s artillery. Among the wounded soldiers are dead, again wounded and concussed. Because of the enemy attack, part of the room collapsed – in particular the operating room, which makes it impossible now to help our soldiers even in the conditions that were before. We emphasize! The Geneva Convention guarantees the protection of inpatient and mobile medical facilities and should not be attacked! Protection should be used by the wounded and sick, regardless of whether they are civilians or military persons (combatants). The wounded should be provided with the necessary assistance without discrimination of any kind. The video was filmed immediately after the bombing.

Rescue people from the rubble of the hospital, bombed by orcs

There was a partial evacuation of civilians from the plant.

May 2. There was an assault on Azovstal, the invaders passed on the territory of the plant, during the assault they lost 5 orcs.

Two civilian women were killed in the orca bombing. Commanders are calling for the evacuation of all civilians and injured, most importantly safely. Photos of the victims on the link

May 3 – 4. About a hundred citizens, including the elderly and children, were pulled by soldiers of the Azov regiment from the rubble on the territory of the Azovstal plant. There are still people in the basements under the rubble! The invaders continue shelling, which is extremely dangerous for the health and life of civilians. 

May 5. The assault continues. Commanders once again appeal to the Supreme Commander-in-Chief with a request to urgently evacuate the wounded and all civilians.

storming the Azovstal plant in early May 2022
storming the Azovstal plant in early May 2022

May 6. During the ceasefire, on the territory of the Azovstal plant, the Russians, hit a car. This car was moving civilians in order to evacuate them from the territory of the plant. As a result of the shelling, 1 fighter was killed and 6 wounded. The enemy continues to violate all agreements and not to observe safety guarantees when evacuating civilians.

May 7 – 9. This is the fourth time civilians have been evacuated. Our soldiers came out with white flags, orcs also raised white flags for the period of evacuation of civilians, but Moscow propaganda showed only our white flags and declared surrender. Funny, they and on February 24 began to say that they took Mariupol, and from then on they lost more than 1,000 of their orcs.

Filtration camps

a man shows his belly while passing an orc filtration camp
a man shows his belly while passing an orc filtration camp

They are passing all who leave Mariupol. The city is surrounded on all sides, the port is mined. People are checked for injuries, scars, tattoos. They are looking for those who fought. View gadgets, social networks, photos, correspondence. Conduct interrogation. People who are associated with the military or other state bodies, not necessarily by force, are tortured. Many do not undergo filtration remain in captivity in orcas. It seems that orcas are gaining an exchange fund in this way.

Not the harshest story of passing a filtration camp

During the evacuation to the territory of Ukraine in the filtration lager, the orcs captured the mother of four-year-old girl Alice – Victoria Obidina. Victoria is a doctor who helped the wounded in Azovstal. Alice returned to Zaporizhzhya without her mother. I emphasize that this evacuation was carried out under the leadership of the UN and the Red Cross. Today I signed a petition for the salvation of Victoria, in case there is no reaction from the international community, I will begin to prepare petitions for the dissolution of the UN and the elimination of the Red Cross. If you want to support this petition, then it is in my Twitter, link at the end of the article.

Victoria Obidina and her daughter Alice. Victoria is a prisoner of the orcs, she and Alice were separated in a filtration camp
Victoria Obidina and her daughter Alice. Victoria is a prisoner of the orcs, she and Alice were separated in a filtration camp

May 10. Defenders continue to keep the defense of Azovstal. During the day it had 34 sorties, working ship and ground artillery, tanks. Rashists are already reporting to their slaves that Mariupol is under their control completely. Many wounded soldiers and civilians are in the factory’s bomb shelters. Renewed calls for the international community to organize a safe evacuation of the wounded and civilians. Orcas have losses every day.

May 11. 38 aircraft-sorties with bombing, otherwise everything is like yesterday: artillery, tanks, orca infantry are working, Azovstal is holding on.

wounded soldier in the bomb shelter of the Azovstal plant
wounded soldier in the bomb shelter of the Azovstal plant

May 12 – 13 – 14 – 15 – the enemy more than 10 times outweighs our defenders in live (so far) strength and technology. Orcs storm Azovstal, and our soldiers do the impossible, they go to the yard from the shelter, and clean Mariupol from the horde.

The issue of evacuation of wounded and civilians is discussed at the highest state and international levels.

Orcs storm the Azovstal plant
Orcs storm the Azovstal plant
Ukrainian soldiers in a complete blockade at the Azovstal plant, went out to clean the yard

Ukraine’s eurovision victory and call from the stage 

May 16, 2022.

Appeal of the commander of the Azov Battalion – Denis Prokopenko

The defenders of Mariupol complied with the order, despite all the difficulties, dragged the superior enemy forces on themselves for 82 days and allowed the Ukrainian army to regroup, train more personnel and receive a large number of weapons from partner countries.

No weapons will work without professionally trained servicemen, making them the most valuable element of the army.

In order to save lives, the entire Mariupol garrison implements the approved decision of the high military command and hopes for the support of the Ukrainian people.

Denis’s video address to the people of Ukraine

The defenders of Mariupol by their actions really changed the course of the war. They pulled back a large number of the enemy for 83 days, which allowed the Ukrainian army to regroup and accept weapons from abroad.

Moscow fully occupied the Ukrainian city of Mariupol

Commanders and defenders of Azovstal on May 17, 2022 came out with a white flag.

exit from the Azovstal plant of defenders of Mariupol
exit from the Azovstal plant of defenders of Mariupol
exit from the Azovstal plant of defenders of Mariupol
exit from the Azovstal plant of defenders of Mariupol
our wounded soldiers receive medical care after leaving Azovstal
our wounded soldiers receive medical care after leaving Azovstal
defenders of Mariupol on the bus after surrender to the orcs
defenders of Mariupol on the bus after surrender to the orcs

Commanders and defenders of Azovstal on May 17, 2022 came out with a white flag.

On this day, more than two thousand people were at the plant, many wounded. Deblocking by military means was impossible, food, water, medicine ran out. This decision was agreed with the leadership of the state. Now their fate is in the hands of diplomats whose task is to agree on the exchange of our soldiers. And it is not simple, today (May 18, 2022) I see that the Erefia Duma is preparing a bill to ban their exchange. He is supported by Volodin, he headed the Ministry of Propaganda to Gromov. I hope that these are populist solutions to raise the mood of slaves.

Glory to the Heroes! Death to enemies! Ukraine above all else!

P.S. On May 19, 2022, Deputy Commander of the battalion “Azov” Svyatoslav Palamar – “Kalina” recorded a video from Azovstal.

On the 146th day of the full-scale invasion, I saw this video based on a child’s impressions of what he saw in his hometown, at home.

P.S. The war in Mariupol through the eyes of children

War in Mariupol through children’s eyes

On September 21, 2022, a big exchange took place

55 pig dogs and putin’s godfather Medvedchuk were exchanged for 215 Ukrainian heroes. Among them are the commander of the Azov battalion Denys Prokopenko (Redis), the acting commander of the 36th separate brigade of marines Serhiy “Volyna” and “Ptashka”. 5 commanders from Azov will be in Turkey under the tutelage of President Erdogan until the end of the war.

Denys Prokopenko (Redis)
Denys Prokopenko (Redis)
Serhiy "Volyna"
Serhiy “Volyna”

He posted the video of the release of the commanders on his twitter, if you want to see it, search for tweets for September 21, 2022, there is also a video of the very moment of their return from captivity, directly crossing the border. Zelensky did keep his word.

Glory to Ukraine! Death to enemies!

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