Manhattan to Kennedy Airport in 10 minutes — Uber Copter

New York City

Several passenger helicopters fly from lower Manhattan to the International Airport. John F. Kennedy in New York City.

Use the uber app to order. Select the destination — JFK Airport or Lower Manhattan and select the car class — Copter. If you are in another part of the city, you will first need to get to Manhattan, and only then proceed according to the plan.

Open the application on your phone, select “Copter” from the list of offered car classes.

Choose the date of your trip (from the option “today in 30 minutes” to + 5 days).

The cost of the flight is blocked on your bank card (it will be debited after the service is provided), and you are waiting for the transfer to landing strip.

Uber comes for you, which already has its final destination — a helipad on Houston Street.

Before boarding, you watch an introductory 1.5 minute video about the rules of conduct during the flight. The passenger can take on board an item that meets the parameters of hand luggage — a bag or a small suitcase.

You take off and spend 8 minutes observing New York from a bird’s eye view.

After landing, a car is waiting for you, which will take you to the terminal.A one-way flight for one person will cost $ 200-225. For comparison, here are the prices for alternative types of transfers. City yellow taxi will take you to JFK Airport from Manhattan for $ 60-70. Small shared buses, shuttles take long enough, but cheap — the trip will cost you $20. Cars from Uber from $ 75-99 for the UberX class to $ 172-223 for an SUV.

The advantages are obvious, but you should be aware of the disadvantages

Imagine flying in a helicopter over stuck New Yorkers. It seems that the question of gaining time disappears by itself.

However, not all are so simple. According to the regulations, the flight lasts 8 minutes. A similar journey by taxi or regular bus takes about an hour, at rush hour one and a half to two. But when planning a flight, it is worthwhile to include two additional ones included in the total cost of the transfer: “your geolocation” — “helipad” and vice versa.

Given these movements (especially with heavy traffic congestion), the total route can take much longer.You won’t be able to fly on weekends. The service is available on weekdays from 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm ET.

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