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“The official opera party in Kyiv. Secret chamber scenes with experiments, where they are and how to get through them. About the Operetta Theater, the National Opera of Ukraine and ballet. Repertoires, genres, ticket prices."

National Opera of Ukraine named after T. Shevchenko

view from the upper balcony
Мiew from the upper balcony of the National Opera of Ukraine
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National Opera of Ukraine

Vladimirskaya Street, house 50, 5 minutes from Zolotye Vorota metro station or Teatralnaya metro station.

This is a place steeped in history, where every little detail is steeped in art. The building itself contains many mysteries and secrets. For example, a stage can accommodate 150 people at a time, and it is not even — it is made with a slope.

The repertoire is impressive in that, now you can see the same productions that were staged in the early stages of formation. Everyone’s favorite: “Giselle”, “Carmen Suite”, “The Nutcracker”. The repertoire is often updated — “The Barber of Seville”, “Eyes Wide Shut”.

Live classical music of world-famous composers sounds in the performances. In general, if you admire opera singing, then this is exactly the place where your interests will be respected.

Everything is taken into account here: the play of the actors, the bewitching voices of opera performers, the old, rich, luxurious, unique interior, brightly elaborated costumes and atmospheric scenery.

Tickets cost from 100 to 2000 UAH.

Operetta theater

Main stage
Kyiv operetta

Kyiv, Velyka Vasylkivska Street, 53/3. Five minutes walk from Olimpiyskaya metro station.

A modern look at world works, talented actors, vivid emotions — this is all about the Kiev operetta. The repertoire includes musical dramas and comedies, musicals, costume concerts and show programs. Among them: “A Conversation That Was Not”, “At the End of the World”, “The Addams Family”, “Moskalitsa”. Sergey Bondarenko, Valentina Donchenko-Butkovskaya, Alexander Kravchenko and other artists and soloists. The theater has a main stage, and 3 chamber ones, where creative experiments are carried out and not so large-scale, but very memorable performances are staged. I recommend visiting both the main and chamber ones.

Prices: 60 – 700 UAH.

Kyiv Academic Opera and Ballet Theater for Children and Youth

musical theater actors
Opera and Ballet Theater for Children and Youth in Kyiv, Ukraine

Mezhigorskaya Street, 2. About 3 minutes walk from the Kontraktova Ploshcha metro station.

This story is about love for creativity, about accessibility and, above all, about respect for the viewer.

Musical theater is an opportunity to get acquainted with the genre of opera and ballet, but experienced theatergoers also visit it. All ballet performances are from the work of the Kyiv Modern Ballet troupe.

The premiere of 2021 “The Little Prince” will not leave anyone indifferent with its unusual solutions, incredibly beautiful music and acting. The production uses special effects, you can observe the interaction of actors and video projection. You will hear how the director has skillfully combined familiar and familiar lullabies and classic, world-famous works.

He is also famous for his operatic performances “School of rock”, “The Wedding of Figaro”, “La Bohème”.

Spectators come to the theater to gain a new experience, to take a completely new look at world works thanks to the unusual views of Radu Poklitaru (director and choreographer of Kiev Modern Ballet), in order to get aesthetic pleasure from costumes and live music.

Tickets cost from 100 to 600 UAH.

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P.S. In 2023, the plays of the modern Ukrainian philosopher, Dmitry Korchinsky, are gaining popularity. Among them are such masterpieces as: “Collaborator”, “Before”, “After”.

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