Joe Biden pardons anyone serving time or under investigation for marijuana

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On October 6, 2022, the Best president in the world, Joe Biden, signed corresponding document. He also erased all previous convictions related to the mere possession of marijuana. A clear and correct US president keeps his campaign promises. He took a big step towards the full legalization of this medicinal plant in the US.

In addition, they were given instructions to all governors to do the same.

President Biden understands that now in the country marijuana is classified on the same level as heroin, and this is nonsense. He has already directed the Attorney General and the Department of Health to urgently consider reclassifying cannabis and marijuana at the federal level.

Each state is stupid and stupid in its own way, and only the strong can admit their mistakes first, the herd usually follows the leader.

I recall the experience of Georgia in the legalization of cannabis. They allowed him to smoke, but for the sale or possession of criminal liability.

I have a suspicion that Joe Biden is taking these steps not only listening to common sense, but also listening to the team of his campaign headquarters. Hopefully more common sense.

I can confidently say – I like this guy!

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