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Housing for refugees in Europe, America and for internally displaced citizens in Ukraine. Volunteer assistance. Become a volunteer, provide housing for refugees. The official telegram channel of the European Union, chats in Hungary, Austria, Belgium. UN financial assistance for those who arrived in Poland. Work for Ukrainians.

According to various estimates 5,500,000 Ukrainians, as of May 1, 2022, left the country, while only 1,289,500 returned to their homeland. They were forced to leave their native land by the war that came from Russia and Belarus. 

Belarus did not send troops to Ukraine, as Russia did, but it provided airfields for the Russian army to base military aviation. Belarus also allowed the occupiers of the Russian army to pass through its territory and attack Ukraine from the border Belarusian lands.

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The TravelQ blog team, Your Price Booking hotel and daily-accommodation booking platform have collected some information about chats, groups and sites for Ukrainians at home and in different countries of Europe and World.

Housing for refugees in Ukraine

For those who left home, but did not leave the country, for those who need temporary housing in Ukraine, the website has been created. Here you can also offer your free options. The site was created by the Cabinet of Ministers, in the arsenal of all areas. Now I have seen about 33,000 offers of temporary accommodation options.

As the site is state-owned, there is a lot of useful information, in particular:

how to receive pensions for migrants;

how to get compensation for those who provide shelter to migrants during the war;

how to apply for cash state benefits.

Housing for refugees from Ukraine around the world

The site is completely in English, but it has many options for Europe and America. I checked out Warsaw – lots of options. For interest, I scored New York in the search and also gave out plenty of offers from the owners. The peculiarity of the site is that the possibility of living with animals is already indicated there. Here is the link

Global decentralized initiative of volunteers and drivers to help Ukrainians around the World

Will provide housing, if you need it, and all possible volunteer assistance abroad on the website It was created by a team of volunteers, immigrants from Ukraine who already live in the US and Canada. Lots of useful stuff.

The official telegram channel of the European Union on support for Ukraine

Information on documents, volunteer assistance, psychological assistance.

UN financial assistance for those who arrived in Poland

Help in Hungary is a web resource created with the support of the UN for refugees from Ukraine who ended up in Hungary.

Here are the telegram groups in Hungary for Ukrainians: – volunteer community – information for Ukrainian refugees. Everything about legislation, documents, work, housing, stay. Current data and news.

Telegram chat for Ukrainians in Austria – communication with each other. Volunteers, local Ukrainians, caring Austrians and Europeans are in the chat. There are almost 20,000 people in the chat, they communicate in Russian and Ukrainian.

Ukrainians in Belgium

Chat for communication There are more than 6000 users in the chat. They talk a lot about the war, about the rules of life in Europe. Useful chat, the language of communication is almost completely Ukrainian.

Chat – help to Ukrainians in Belgium There are more than 8 thousand people in the chat.

Jobs for Ukrainians in Europe

Finally, I leave a link to the site where there are now 14,000 job offers in the European Union for citizens of Ukraine

There are many vacancies on the site without knowledge of the language. Direct employers from all EU countries. Many offers from large corporations and international networks.

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