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Booking accommodation while traveling has long moved to the Internet. Booking a hotel room or apartment with private individuals has become extremely simple and available in almost every corner of our planet. Millions of travelers use modern booking services and enjoy their simplicity and convenience. A huge selection, frequent discounts and promotions offered by booking platforms have made booking via the Internet a pleasant and common thing, and those who are in the subject are no longer looking for other ways, but use their favorite services. Booking without a commission for the user or a small commission of 1.5% like on airbnb attracts us even more. But we pay for accommodation and its cost always includes the commission of the booking service that hoteliers pay.

And such commissions are cosmic 18% – 20%. Aggregators also use price parity in relations with hotels. It is these two factors that are the long-standing pain of the booking market, which has been tormenting hotel owners for 20 years.

Booking will become even cheaper

If a hotel or hostel sells its booking options through popular services, then the booking services prohibit and even fine the hotel for lowering the price on the hotel’s own website, even if it is a promotion. This is what they call narrow price parity. When such a ban on price reduction extends to other services, it is broad parity. Thus, our love for online booking stops the development of hotel infrastructure and only contributes to the growth of the profitability of the services themselves.

The value of market leaders among such platforms has already exceeded 100 billion dollars, while the company Hilton, which has been operating for 103 years, is now worth 37 billion.

Who will give hoteliers and travelers new opportunities

In 2023, the new service Your Price Booking will start, there is no price parity, there are no

commissions for travelers, the compensation that the hotelier pays is 6 times lower than existing on the market. The Your Price Booking hotel booking service will give everyone the opportunity to save a lot of money not only because it will be cheaper to sell a reservation through it, but there is also a wonderful feature…

The main feature of Your Price Booking

logo Your Price Booking
logo Your Price Booking

Hoteliers see all travelers who are booking near them and can write to them. Submit an offer in which to put the price lower based on the availability of rooms. In this way, the hotelier will be able to resell their empty rooms and the traveler will be able to make an excellent booking at a good discount. Start in early 2023 in Kyiv, Odessa, Warsaw and New York City. The plan is to launch an alpha version of the site in these locations in 2023 and start expanding. I am sure in 2025 the service will be available in most countries of the world. You can read the very first news about him in the news chat or twitter also Linkedin for business parties and a reddit chat forum

Official YouTube channel of the project

The service will be available on the web page

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