Фото з неба Kyiv
23 interesting places in Kyiv
"The most visited sights of the capital of Ukraine. Ancient and modern. What to see and where to go. Details about each, how to get there, time to visit, ticket price. The grave of Yuri Dolgoruky, the founder of Moscow and several Russian cities, three times the Grand Duke of Kiev, did not make a separate
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Киевский кукольный театр Kyiv
Kyiv Academic Puppet Theater
"A fairy tale for children and a ticket to childhood for adults. Stages for adults, fairy tale characters around the theater, a museum. How to get there and ticket prices."
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Здание Национальной Оперы Украины Kyiv
Kyiv Operetta, Opera and Ballet
“The official opera party in Kyiv. Secret chamber scenes with experiments, where they are and how to get through them. About the Operetta Theater, the National Opera of Ukraine and ballet. Repertoires, genres, ticket prices."
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Театры Киева Kyiv
Theaters of Kyiv – TOP 10
“Theatrical Kyiv, bohemia, a light taste of cognac in the air, casual smiles, a premonition of immersion in another world. About directors, actors and spectators. Repertoires, ticket prices, top performances. Classics, UNDERGROUND, KIDS, Home Theater. Black square."
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Life hacks for travelers and tourists in Kiev, Ukraine.