photo toilet in USA Editor’s column
Public toilets in USA
If your country still measures the quality of life by  salary or the cost of   room booking in three-star hotels, then you will be very interested to know next. Many modern Americans measure quality of life in country by level of public toilets. I chose two random fresh reviews. Look at  free public toilet […
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girl and auto Editor’s column
Maimi Summer 2022 and best music
It was very fortunate that the video of our tube was added to the site. I really liked it – I decided to share it. Link to our u tube at the top of the page. If you know who sings this, please write in the comments. I am pleased if you were also pleased […]
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different hotels Editor’s column
Announcement of the affiliate program for agents Your Price Booking
It looks like traffic arbitrage, but you don’t get a one-time bonus, but a permanent payment from the commission that hoteliers pay when selling their booking options through Your Price Booking.For each agent, we provide the agent’s admin panel for work, there are all the statistics, his
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Mariupol Editor’s column
Mariupol. Chronology of war
Thousands killed by the occupiers. Mass graves for Mariupol residents, drama theater, maternity hospital, Azovstal, capture of the city, filtration camps, annexation
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беженцы с Украины Editor’s column
Help for Ukrainian refugees
Housing for refugees in Europe, America and for internally displaced citizens in Ukraine. Volunteer assistance. Become a volunteer, provide housing for refugees. The official telegram channel of the European Union, chats in Hungary, Austria, Belgium. UN financial assistance for those who arrived in Poland.
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Covid map 2022 Editor’s column
Covid map 2022
Get updates and email alerts on travel restrictions, containment measures and vaccination information around the globe. You can subscribe here 👉 don’t thank. Rules for entering the territory of many countries of the world. Where can you go without a covid certificate. Covid –
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Editor’s column
Price parity is the tumor of the hotel business
The pain of the hotel business, which is intensifying
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happy people in Burning Man Editor’s column
Burning Man 2021
“Unofficial Burning Man 2021; ticket price; how this city lives all week without money; 5 basic rules; contemporary art at the festival — the largest exhibition in the world; intimacy; incidents."
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