Announcement of the affiliate program for agents Your Price Booking

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It looks like traffic arbitrage, but you don’t get a one-time bonus, but a permanent payment from the commission that hoteliers pay when selling their booking options through Your Price Booking.
For each agent, we provide the agent’s admin panel for work, there are all the statistics, his referral links, the turnover of each hotelier and agent invited by him. The account has a history of withdrawal of funds, all rewards that the agent has already received.
To begin with, we will withdraw funds in cryptocurrency, in something fixed, for example, a stable coin. Now we are integrating the ability to withdraw earned funds in USDT via the TRON network into the agent’s office.

Agent earnings in Your Price Booking affiliate program

8% of all commissions transferred by the hotelier for accommodation services and the sale of booking options through the Your Price Booking platform.
You can also build your own network of agents who will be invited to the agent program through your referral link. You can earn 2% of all money transferred by hoteliers referred by agents you have referred.

Let’s start working in Kyiv, Odessa, Warsaw and the city of New York. Start with the beginning of the new year 2023.

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Announcement of an affiliate program for agent Your Price Booking
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