23 interesting places in Kyiv

"The most visited sights of the capital of Ukraine. Ancient and modern. What to see and where to go. Details about each, how to get there, time to visit, ticket price. The grave of Yuri Dolgoruky, the founder of Moscow and several Russian cities, three times the Grand Duke of Kiev, did not make a separate title for it, but described it in detail."

 Andrew’s descent

evening lights on Andreevsky
Andrew’s descent, an old street on the Kiev hills

Ancient buildings, theaters, museums, artists’ workshops and antique shops. On weekends, Opening Day begins with it, and you can walk around it for a couple of hours looking at pictures.

If you need an old Kiev, then Andreevsky Descent will do.

Castle of Richard the Lionheart, St. Andrew’s Church, by Rastrelli. Museums: Bulgakov and One Street. Theaters: on Podil and “Wheel”, thematic old Kiev restaurants, antiques shops and a sea of souvenirs.

Since ancient times, Andriyivsky Descent connects the Upper City (Old Kiev) and the Lower (otherwise – Podil).

On the steps opposite Bulgakov’s house-museum you can climb Lysaya Gora. As the people of Kiev believe, evil spirits gathered here for the Coven. Usually, witches can be found here on the eve of May 1 on Walpurgis Night, on the night of Ivan Kupala on July 6 and on the feast of Peter and Paul on July 12.

The mountain is also called: Zamkovaya, Kirillovka, Frolovskaya and Khorevitsa.

You can enter Andreevsky from below – from Kontraktova Square or from the end of Vladimirskaya Street. Above, the nearest metro station is Independence Square.

Independence Square

Independence Square, Kiev, Ukraine

“Maidan” is how it is called in all languages.

It is adjacent to the streets: Institutskaya, Gorodetsky, Sofievskaya, Malaya Zhitomirskaya, B. Grinchenka and Khreshchatyk passes through the Maidan.

It survived wartime during the Revolution of Dignity in 2014 but has already been restored.

Metro Maidan Nezalezhnosti and Khreshchatyk metro stations will be optimal. Choose hotels in the center of Kiev.

«TSUM» (Kiev Central Department Store)

the main entrance
TSUM, Kiev, Khreshchatyk, 38

I am convinced that after the reconstruction, Kiev Central Department Store is not ashamed to show it to people.

From insider sources, I know that the design project for the restoration of a department store was obscenely expensive. She was engaged in “Bonay” – an English architectural bureau. When creating its concept, they chose not only the music that visitors hear, but also a new signature scent.

Want: a dramatic, free-form sculptural void? Then take a look at TSUM. They like to rent apartments in this area.

You will find it at the corner of Bohdan Khmelnytsky Street and Khreshchatyk Street. If you score in the navigator the address is  Khreshchatyk, 38. There is no underground parking.

Church of St. Nicholas

Gargoyles on the spiers of Nikolaevsky
Nicholas Church is an architectural monument of national importance, it houses the National House of Organ and Chamber Music of Ukraine

Roman Catholic church, built in honor of St. Nicholas in 1909. Since 1980, the organ has been in its building. Now it is the National House of Organ and Chamber Music of Ukraine.

A modern building, which is not even 120 years old now, and the Rococo style gives it age and seriousness. Kiev architect Gorodetsky worked on its construction.

Address: St. Bolshaya Vasilkovskaya, 77, near the metro station “Republican Stadium”.

The cost of visiting an organ music concert: from 50 to 400 hryvnia.

Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra

Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra

The place is sacred for Orthodox Christians. Services are held daily in several temples and caves. The earliest liturgy usually begins at 05:30 in the morning in nearby caves, then often at 06:30 in the Church of the Icon of the Mother of God and at 09:30 in the Refectory Church of St. Anthony and Theodosius of the Caves. The evening starts at 16:30 also in the Refectory. But this schedule may change during holidays. Fresh information is always available on their official website https://lavra.ua/ .

The Church of the Savior on Berestovo, on the territory of the Lavra, is considered the burial place of Yuri Dolgoruky. But there is no grave or monument where you can come and pay tribute to the memory of the Prince of Kiev. The sarcophagus has been removed, the remains are being examined, the office is writing, the wheels are spinning. On the territory of this church are buried Dolgoruky’s sister – Efimia, Prince Gleb, the child of Yuri and his second wife.

Kyiv – Pechersk Lavra is an active monastery. And at the same time, a shopping center with a museum row. You can buy icons painted by monks, church gold, books, clothes, candles, and all this wholesale and retail for parishioners and smaller parishes. Museums on site: historical treasures; microminiatures of Nikolai Syadristy; books and printing; folk decorative arts; Museum of Theater, Music and Cinematography.

National Museum of the Holodomor-Genocide

Sculpture of a girl from bronze
National Museum of the Holodomor-Genocide of 1932-1933, Kiev, Ukraine

It includes the chapel-monument “Candle of Memory” 32 meters high. A wonderful observation deck on the Left Bank and another opportunity to get acquainted with the difficult history of the Ukrainian people.

There they regularly show films dedicated to the Holodomor of 1932-1933, created by the government of the “reds” in Ukraine, Russia and Kazakhstan. The construction of the memorial was personally supervised by the third President of Ukraine – Viktor Yushchenko.

Mariinsky Palace

the main entrance
Mariinsky Palace, Kiev, built in 1752

Its construction began in 1744 by order of Empress Elizabeth. She laid it down as her Kiev residence but was distracted by the war with the Swedes and never visited her, it served as a residence for members of the imperial family.

It was built by the architect Bartolomeo Francesco Rastrelli, but nothing remained of that building for a long time. The palace burned down in the early 18th century and was rebuilt by Emperor Alexander II in 1870. Before World War II, it was a headquarters, a school, a museum and was empty a lot.

The Soviet post-war reconstruction in 1950 erased some of Rastrelli’s architectural ideas. And the reconstruction of 1980, although it saved it from destruction, also noticeably changed its appearance.

Tours of the palace are held only on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from 10 am to 5 pm. Book in advance, usually in groups, but no more than 15 people each. Thursdays – children’s day.

You can book on the official website https://www.m-palace.com.ua/ .

Landmarks: Mariinsky Park, Arsenalnaya metro station.

Arch of Friendship of Nations and Glass Bridge

With rainbow light on
Arch of Friendship of Nations, Kiev, built under the rule of the communists in 1982
Glass bridge in Kiev
Glass bridge in Kyiv, Ukraine. Built in 2019 at the initiative of the mayor of the city – Vitaly Klitschka.

The arch has been decorating Khreshchaty Park since 1982. Built by the communists in honor of the reunification of Russia and Ukraine. Everything is as monumental as the comrades loved. But in the decoration of the arch, political parity is observed. Approximately the same size bronze Worker and Kolkhoz Woman – the trend of the Russian socialist movement of those years and the granite sculpture – a fragment of the Pereyaslav Rada. A hand-made reminder that Ukrainians remember their history and value statehood.

You can find the arch on the European Square, on the territory of the Khreshchaty Park. Nearby – “Independence Square”. Hotels near People’s Friendship Arch are glad to welcome guests.

The glass bridge was built in May 2019. You can walk along it from the People’s Friendship Arch to the monument to Vladimir. Length 216 meters, walking and cycling areas. In 2019 and 2020, it was the most visited place by guests of the capital. Also, a good place for selfies and an observation deck. You can go to it from the Foreign Ministry building.

Golden Gate

after reconstruction
Golden Gate. Historically served as the main entrance to the upper Kiev city from the south

Under Yaroslav the Wise, this was the main entrance to the upper city from the South. The fort, which is now cherished as a memory. Recently renovated. It is located on Vladimirskaya street, 40a, right at the exit from the metro station of the same name – Golden Gate metro station.

The cost of the excursion is 15 – 40 hryvnia.

Sophia Cathedral

from within
Iconostasis of St. Sophia Cathedral, Kiev, Vladimirskaya, 24

The heart of the national reserve “Sophia Kievskaya”. Orthodox church built by Yaroslav the Wise in honor of the victory over the Pechenegs in 1036 AD. Inside, the world’s most complete ensemble of original mosaics (260 m2) and frescoes (3000 m2) from the first half of the 11th century and significant fragments of murals from the 17th-18th centuries have been preserved.

Nearby there are hotels near Sofia Kievskaya. Location – Golden Gate metro station. 

Excursions for adults – from 50 to 400 hryvnia. More detailed prices for excursions on their official website https://st-sophia.org.ua/en/news/tickets-prices.


Photo of the evening park
Motherland and Museum of the History of Ukraine in World War II. It was opened as part of the museum complex in 1981 on Victory Day

Kiev, st. Ivan Mazepa, 33. You can walk from metro station Arsenalnaya.

The monument is huge, it has its own atmosphere around it. The Museum of Military Equipment from the Second World War is in the open air next to the monument. Inside there is a museum dedicated to the war in Afghanistan. In general, a place with a military history.

The total height of the monument is 102 m, which is higher than the Statue of Liberty in New York (93 m). Weight – 450 tons. The height of a woman with a sword without a pedestal is 62 m; the dimensions of the shield are 12 * 8 m. A pendulum weighing 9 tons is provided inside the 16-meter sword to balance the vibrations.

Author – Borodai Vasily.

It was erected as a symbol of victory in the Great Patriotic War and opened on Victory Day in 1981. The Motherland is located inside a wonderful park, where it is pleasant to walk after visiting the monument.

The cost of visiting: to climb to the top – 300 hryvnia, and the lower observation deck – 50 hryvnia.

Vladimirskaya Gorka

View of the Dnieper
Park “Vladimirskaya Gorka” is one of the oldest in Kiev

One of the oldest parks in the capital, there are many hotels nearby. Located on the Dnieper slopes, near the Mikhailovsky Monastery. Good observation deck on the Dnieper and the Left Bank. Near the funicular.

Address: Kyiv, Vladimirsky descent, 4. There are many hotels nearby.

Puppet theater

Fabulous sculptures nearby
Kyiv State Academic Puppet Theater

A fairy tale for children and a ticket to childhood for adults. Performances for adults – a new premiere every year. And the place that will not leave a child indifferent.

Fairy tale characters in the park around the theater, there is a museum and a children’s cafe. Hrushevsky Street, 1A. 10 minutes walk from the metro station of Maidan Nezalezhnosti, Khreshchatyk and Arsenalnaya. Hotels nearby – here.

The ticket price is 100 hryvnia.


streets and buildings
Vozdvizhenka is a new residential neighborhood built in the early 2000s on Kozhemyaki, in the Podolsk district of Kyiv

Stylish, new, elite microdistrict in Podol, a stone’s throw from Andreevsky descent. With proper infrastructure. It’s nice that not new houses are built on the old streets, but the fact that the streets on Vozdvizhenka are also new. There are several main ones: Vozdvizhenskaya, Kozhemyatskaya, Goncharnaya, Arts Square.

A great place for a photo shoot, which is often chosen even by pros, as well as the next place.

Landscape alley

Landscape alley – a recreation area in Kiev, above the Gonchary tract. In fact, this is a path that repeats the route of the rampart and landscape design objects around

Lookout from the Upper Town to Podol. And 10 years ago, a square with benches and sculptures for children appeared here. There is a centipede cat, 30 m long, and a cheerful elephant fountain, the heads of zebras and whoever is not here. It will be nice to walk alone or with a child, you can take the whole family. You can get to the alley on foot from the metro station of Golden Gate, on the street. Vladimirskaya to Bolshaya Zhitomirskaya.

Andrew’s Church

Facade by day
St. Andrew’s Church in Kiev – an Orthodox church in the Elizabethan Baroque style designed by B. F. Rastrelli in 1747-1753 on St. Andrew’s Hill

The most beautiful Orthodox church in our city. It was built by the famous architect Bartolomeo Francesco Rastrelli in the Elizabethan Baroque style in 1747-1753 on St. Andrew’s Hill.

To put the temple on the top of the hill, the builders erected a stylobate under it in the form of a two-story residential building, adjacent to the edge of the steep. It was named in honor of Andrew the first-called Apostle.

Today it is the only building by the famous architect Rastrelli that has survived in Kiev. Nearby hotels – here.

The exact address is Andreevsky Spusk, 23. Open for visits all days of the week. Monday to Friday from 08:00 am to 18:00 pm, and Saturday and Sunday from 07:00 to 17:00.

Botanical Garden named after Fomin

plants in the garden named after Fomin
The Botanical Garden named after Academician Alexander Fomin is one of the oldest botanical gardens in Kiev and Ukraine. It is a subdivision of the T. G. Shevchenko University of Kyiv. Was founded in 1839

Founded in the 19th century, located in the center, the Universitet metro station is a stone’s throw from the entrance from T. Shevchenko Boulevard, the territory is a little more than 22 hectares.

The garden was laid out on the initiative of the architect Vincent Beretti, who was the son of the Italian Giovanni Beretti, who moved to Russia in the second half of the seventeenth century.

In the spring, it is especially popular with the townspeople and visitors. Magnolia begins to bloom, with more than forty species planted.

The botanical garden was repeatedly visited by Emperor Nicholas I. The Tsar awarded its director and the author of the idea of its creation with a diamond ring from his hand.

It was from that time that the era of chestnuts began in Kiev, which continues today.

After seeing the autocrat, Trautfetter planted chestnuts in the garden, near the main building of the university. Dozens of tons of fruits were collected from them and planted with them not only in Kiev squares, but also sent to dozens of cities around the world.


Beautiful stewardesses
Kyiv funicular – connects two parts of the city: Podil with the Upper Town. The line runs along the steep slope of Vladimirskaya Gorka

An attraction for guests and ordinary city transport for the people of Kyiv and a symbol of the city for everyone. It runs between the upper and lower town (Pochtovaya Ploschad – Vladimirskaya Gorka Park). Today the length of the track is 222 meters and 1 stop during the trip.

Available daily from 07:00 am to 10:00 pm in the evening.

  • Speed – 2 m / s.
  • Movement time – 2.5 minutes.
  • Movement interval from 4 min.
  • Height difference between stations – 75 m.
  • Length of slopes – 222 m.
  • Slope: 18-20 degrees.
  • Carriage capacity – 100 people.
  • Seats – 30.

At the beginning of the 19th century, such structures have become firmly in fashion. There are funiculars in Kaunas (Zhalyakalnis and Alyaksotas), in Sochi, Tbilisi, Baku. They work a lot in old Europe: Paris, Barcelona, Prague, Como, Bergamo, Genoa, Bergen, Naples.

The Kiev funicular was built in 1905, and in 1902 – the Odessa one. And even earlier, in 1986 – the Kremlin and Pokhvalinsky in Nizhny Novgorod.

Building of the National Bank of Ukraine

The NBU building in the evening lights
The building of the National Bank of Ukraine – in the Pechersk district of the city of Kyiv, at the address: st. Institutskaya, 9

Built in 1905, the building has not changed since that time. Repairs are carried out regularly and it is constantly in excellent shape.

Located on Lipki, on Institutskaya street, house. 9. Near the exit from the Khreshchatyk metro station.

It represents the architecture of the Modern. Several outstanding architects worked on its appearance. The project was developed by A.V. Kobelev, worked on the main facade – A. Verbitsky, Italian sculptor Elio Salya performed artwork inside and covered the building with stone.

Apartments can be rented for daily rent in this quarter.

House with Chimeras

Concrete creatures on the walls
The House with Chimeras is an Art Nouveau brick building located in the capital of Ukraine, Kyiv. The house got its name thanks to sculptural decorations, the theme of which is terrestrial and underwater fauna, hunting attributes, fabulous creatures

Today it is one of the residences of the President of Ukraine. Built in 1903 in the Art Nouveau style by the Kyiv architect Vladislav Vladislavovich Gorodetsky. Address: st. Bankova, 10. From the Khreshchatyk metro station, up Institutskaya to Bankova. Tickets for the excursion from 300 UAH (only on weekends and only groups of up to 10 people).

Gorodetsky built the facility as a tenement house, and with borrowed funds. He planned to repay the loan from the rent of the first, second and third floors. And the 4th floor was laid as an apartment for the Gorodetsky family (area 380 m2).

During the construction, the latest innovative technologies were used for those times we can see how Gorodetsky mastered concrete and sculptures from it.

The construction process was managed by engineer Anton Straus.

The sculptural forms were designed and executed by the talented Milan sculptor – Elio Sala.

Life made its own adjustments to the rental business of Vladislav Vladislavovich, and in 1912 he transferred his apartment building to the balance of the Credit Society. I could not redeem it on time, the interest grew, and the House with Chimeras was sold at auction to the representative of the French consulate Danil Balakhovsky. Then, already in 1916, Samuel Nimets (a merchant) became the owner of the building.

After the events of the October Revolution of 1917, under the rule of the Soviets, the object was nationalized by the state. The red power of workers and cooks, after consulting, placed communal apartments in it …


Photos from the exhibition
Center for Contemporary Art, located on the street. Velyka Vasylkivska, Basseynaya street, 1, 3-2 in Kyiv, Ukraine

Center for Contemporary Art. Admission is free, there are often long queues at the entrance.

The space is open to accommodate works by contemporary artists. It is often filled with stellar exhibits and creative exhibitions with amazing installations.

It is located opposite the Bessarabsky market, along Basseinaya street, 2. Near the metro station of Ploshcha Lva Tolstogo. Open to visitors from 12:00 pm to 9:00 pm and may not be open on major holidays.


Wooden church
A museum in nature, an architectural and landscape complex of all historical and ethnographic regions of Ukraine. Located on the southern outskirts of Kyiv, in the Goloseevsky district, near the village of Pirogov. The total area is 133.5 hectares. Founded February 6, 1969

Open-air museum of folk architecture and life. It contains houses from different parts of Ukraine, they took them directly and transported them to Pirogovo. Together with all household and household utensils.

Shish kebabs, dishes of Ukrainian cuisine can be tasted in cafes on the territory of the museum.

Open for tourists every day from 10 to 18 hours. Tours in Ukrainian, Russian, English and German.

Address: Pirogovo village, Krasnoznamennaya street, 1, Kiev region. Houses for daily rent in Kiev, but there are many options near the city.

By trolleybus number 11 from the Lybidskaya metro station or by minibus number 156 or 172 from the Demiyevskaya metro station, by minibus number 496 from the Lukyanovskaya metro station. Ticket price in UAH: for adults – 30, for schoolchildren – 15.

Kyiv Planetarium

Kyiv Planetarium is the oldest planetarium in Ukraine and Europe. The planetarium hosts lectures on astronomy, geography, and natural history. At the planetarium, there is a children’s astronomical school for students aged 6-11 and an art studio. Kiev Planetarium is a subdivision of the Knowledge Society of Ukraine

Hear and see how our galaxy is arranged, plunge into the abyss of space and are guaranteed to expand horizons in the Kyiv Planetarium every day at 11 am and until 21 pm in the evening. It has been operating since 1952 and is one of the oldest in Europe.

Address: Bolshaya Vasilkovskaya, 57/3, right at the exit from the Olimpiyskaya metro station.

It is remembered – the realism of the starry sky, which shows our and neighboring galaxies, star paths and the trajectories of planetary rotation. You can choose the topic of the lecture to your liking. Booking a hostel in Kiev is easy in the area.

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